Preventive measures for roof fall and collapse acc

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Preventive measures for roof fall and collapse accidents in metallurgical mines

in the statistics of industrial accidents over the years, Yushiwa iron mine found that the injury accidents caused by roof fall and collapse alone accounted for the total number of industrial accidents in the enterprise, but at the same time, the added value was also increasing by half, especially in the automatic machinery zone on the first floor of the exhibition hall. It can be seen that collapse is a frequent accident in the stope of metallurgical mines

preventive measures

1 When the multi-layer ore body is mined in layers, the lower ore bed can be mined only after the rock at the top of the upper layer collapses and stabilizes

2. When the upper and lower adjacent middle sections are mined at the same time, the inclined length of the upper and middle mining face ahead of the lower and middle mining face should be more than 20m

3. If the roof is soft and unstable during mining, support measures must be taken. If the support is damaged due to blasting or ground pressure, it should be repaired in time, and the operation can be carried out only after it is confirmed to be safe

4. Before mining, the roof and two sides of pumice must be treated first, and mining can only be carried out after confirming safety. If there is a sign of roof falling during the operation, the operation shall be stopped for treatment, especially when there is a dangerous sign of large roof falling, the operation personnel shall be immediately informed to select the tensile, tightening and other experimental situations and evacuate from the site

5. If there is a goaf at the edge of the stope, the access road at the edge of the goaf should be mined first. In case of a stope with a broken roof and low transmission stability and noise, in addition to necessary support, the mining progress should be accelerated and the exposure time of the stope should be shortened as far as possible

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