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Preventive measures for collapse accident

I. preventive measures for earthwork collapse

1. Construction scheme: there should be a protection scheme for foundation construction, and the depth of the foundation pit should be more than 5m, and there should be a special support design

2. Ensure slope stability: excavate trenches, foundation pits, etc, According to the soil quality and excavation, Tolstoy once said: "If a person does not have sufficient slope gradient under the conditions of enthusiasm, depth, etc., if the site is not as good as the allowable slope excavation, a solid wall support or support structure system should be set. The distance between the excavated soil pile and the pit and groove edge should not be less than the Design provisions, and the pile height should not exceed 1.5m. During the excavation process, the stability of the soil on the side wall should be checked frequently, and cracks, looseness or support should be found to maintain air circulation; measures should be taken at any time to support and move around. According to the soil and ditch Determine the distance between the stacking materials and construction machinery and the pit according to the depth, groundwater level, weight of mechanical equipment, etc

3. The excavation sequence should comply with the provisions of the construction organization design, and follow the principle of excavation layer by layer from top to bottom. It is forbidden to use the method of digging

4. Drainage and lowering the groundwater level. When excavating earth below the groundwater level, drainage or dewatering measures shall be determined according to geological data and excavation depth, and groundwater shall be effectively treated in the whole process of underground construction to prevent collapse

5. Operators must strictly abide by the safety operation regulations. Before going into the pit, check the soil changes of the slope, excavate the cracked part in time, make real-time drawings and maintain the completed experimental load waveform. Go up and down by escalator or Packway. Don't climb up and down the slope to prevent the slope from collapsing, and don't jump from top to bottom. Go to the ground during the break to prevent the slope from collapsing, being smashed or buried. It is not allowed to dismantle the soil wall support or other supporting facilities

6. Monitoring measures. Check the slope and support conditions frequently, and take measures in time if any abnormality is found, and notify the underground operators to evacuate. When operators find that a large amount of soil falls from the slope and the supporting facilities have a sound, they should evacuate immediately to prevent casualties caused by soil collapse

7. Demolition of supporting facilities. It should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the construction organization design of lifting the force measuring piston, usually from bottom to top, with the filling process, fill one layer and dismantle one layer at a time, and it is not allowed to dismantle to the top at one time

II. Preventive measures for scaffold collapse

1. Materials and structures shall comply with the provisions of corresponding technical standards, specifications and procedures. When the scaffold height exceeds the specification, special design calculations shall be made and reviewed and approved

2. The erection and demolition shall have a scheme that can guide the construction, and the disclosure shall be carried out before the erection

it can be used after acceptance. The scaffold can only be used after being checked and accepted by the construction personnel in charge. During use, it should be checked frequently, and problems should be repaired and reinforced in time

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