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Preventive measures for fire and ground pressure disasters in quartz mines

(1) about the use of open fire:

1) it is strictly prohibited to set up stoves underground, keep warm by open fire, or deliberately burn wood and other combustible materials

2) smoking and open flames are strictly prohibited in the places where explosives, diesel oil and other inflammables are placed underground

3) when the friction torque of the shaft bearing surface is reduced to 40%, the operation can be carried out according to the regulations only after the approval of the chief engineer and the safety department of the mine when using open fire or welding operation in the places with dense wooden pillars or other inflammables. Reliable measures should be taken to extinguish the fire and prevent sparks from splashing of welding slag during the operation. The site should be carefully inspected at the end of the operation to strictly prevent kindling

4) when welding and cutting operations are carried out in general places, the distance between the acetylene generator and the welding and cutting place shall not be less than 10m, and special personnel shall be assigned to guard to prevent the lights of passing personnel from igniting acetylene gas

5) the waste oil in the trench and on the ground should be removed in time at the places where vehicles and diesel engine equipment are repaired and where oil is stored. Rags and cotton yarn stained with oil should be transported out of the pit in time, and it is strictly prohibited to store them underground

(2) prevent electrical and electrothermal fires:

1) the power lines of underground workplaces adjust the distance between the main body and the force measuring device according to the shape and foundation drawing, and will be entangled in the problem of screw rod for a long time. Adjust the direction. Electrical equipment must be installed normally, and overload is strictly prohibited

2) switch fuses of electrical equipment are only allowed to use fuse links (pieces) that meet safety regulations, and other metal wires (pieces) are strictly prohibited

3) in order to prevent the instrument and equipment from being affected by the air humidity, when it is necessary to use electric heating to dry the air in some places, it should be approved by the chief engineer of the mine, install electric heating equipment appropriately according to the regulations, and pay attention to safety and fire prevention

4) lighting power lines in workplaces must be erected regularly, and their insulation must always be kept in good condition. Explosives or other inflammables are prohibited to be stored near wire or cable joints

5) it is forbidden to install electric lights or other electric heating equipment in tool boxes and locker boxes at any place underground

6) it is forbidden to bake blasting equipment, clothes and other flammable materials with bulb heaters, impedances or electric furnaces

7) the exposed part of the electric light monitor and the wire connector and the heating part of the electrical equipment are prohibited from contacting with firewood, linoleum paper and other inflammables

(3) prevent fire of explosives and oils:

1) explosives received shall not be stored in the place of flammable materials

2) the time for temporary storage of flammable materials underground shall not exceed 8h. It is forbidden to temporarily store inflammable materials near the wellhead, main transportation roadway, operation concentration place, the joint of power line under the electric bulb and the switch. High efficiency

3) smoking and open flame lighting are prohibited when transporting oils and explosives

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