Preventive measures for major accidents in the hot

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Preventive measures for major accidents in open-pit mines

major accidents in open-pit mines include:

stope slope landslide, transportation vehicle accident, mechanical accident, lifting injury, electric shock, water damage, fire, falling from height, blasting accident, boiler and pressure vessel explosion, poisoning and asphyxiation, etc

accident prevention measures include:

(1) before the commencement of open-pit mining and stripping face, operation procedures must be prepared and implemented after being approved by the person in charge of the mining enterprise. During open-pit mining, the height, width and slope angle of the decojet film based solution stage must be controlled according to the design regulations

(2) the mining area must establish a ground waterproof and drainage system to prevent surface water from leaking into the open pit; Prevent mountain torrents from destroying production, transportation systems and buildings; The purpose of preventing debris flow in the tailings pond of the waste dump (waste) is to crowd out domestic equipment; Prevent landslides and slope slides

(3) the implementation of the fire protection law for ground fire protection in mining enterprises

(4) the production, storage, transportation, testing, destruction and blasting of blasting materials in mining enterprises shall be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the administration of civil explosives and the provisions of blasting safety regulations

(5) the design, installation, acceptance, operation and maintenance of the mine power system must be carried out in accordance with the relevant national regulations

(6) railway and automobile transportation in open-pit mines must be managed in accordance with relevant national regulations

(7) mining and loading users of the mine must comply with the corresponding standard requirements when setting up. Loading equipment, boilers and pressure vessels, lifting equipment, etc. shall be used and managed according to the operating procedures of the equipment

(8) regularly detect various indicators of the mine environment, and timely find and deal with problems

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