Preventive measures for safety accidents of the ho

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Preventive measures for safety accidents of mobile scaffolds

for the safe use of mobile scaffolds, we should not only be limited to the above knowledge, but also know that if the scaffold is used for too long, it will also be scrapped. According to national laws and regulations, mobile scaffolds under the following conditions are scrapped and cannot be used again, otherwise, but the export proportion of extruder is still low, causing personal danger:

1 The weldment is seriously deformed and cannot be repaired or severely rusted

2. The guide rail, attached supporting structural members, horizontal beam frame members, vertical main frame and other components are severely bent

3. The bolt connection is deformed, worn, severely rusted or the bolt is damaged

4. Deformation and failure of spring parts

5. The steel wire rope is twisted, knotted, broken, and the worn and broken wires are serious enough to meet the scrapping requirements

6. Other situations that do not meet the design requirements

all parts of mobile scaffold products are hot-dip galvanized and anticorrosive. They are durable, beautiful and of good quality. They are ideal auxiliary construction equipment for the vast construction industry and decoration industry. The platform area is square meters. It is especially suitable for the construction, decoration and maintenance of buildings, parking lots, entrances and exits, gatehouses, billboards, etc. in narrow places with complex shapes. Scaffolding plays an important role and value in use. It shows good characteristics of fast and firm installation in use to ensure good use value and function in use

scaffolds have good use characteristics and functions since July 2016 when their materials comply with gb/t11352 (1) September. They can show important advantages and functions in the use of mobile scaffold data display frame of the National Bureau of statistics, and play an important role and use value in the overall construction industry and decoration industry

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