Preventive measures for spontaneous combustion of

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Preventive measures for coal spontaneous combustion

the identification methods at the initial stage of coal spontaneous combustion include direct feeling, measuring the change of air composition in the mine, measuring the surrounding rock temperature, and measuring the coal oxidation rate. Among them, measuring the change of air composition in the mine is an early identification and prediction of spontaneous combustion fire. 5. Environmental requirements of the experiment: the most widely used and reliable method

use gas analysis method to master the changes of air composition in the mine. The main content of identifying and preventing spontaneous combustion fire is to determine carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and ethylene gas in the air. The ratio of the concentration of carbon monoxide, or the absolute amount of carbon monoxide, the concentration of ethylene, the increase of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide and the decrease of oxygen is used as the parameter to judge the occurrence of spontaneous combustion fire. There are three methods for the determination of these gases: direct determination, laboratory analysis and automatic detection. The direct measurement method is to use a calibration tube or measuring instrument. Laboratory analysis method is to use high sensitivity and high precision gas analysis together for gas verification. The automatic detection method adopts the beam tube monitoring system or the fire prediction system controlled by the microcomputer industrial molding aluminum machine to carry out the centralized automatic detection of mine fire

the beam tube monitoring system uses the air pump to pump the underground gas sample to the ground through the multi-core beam tube, and uses the corresponding instruments to alarm the spontaneous combustion fire as soon as possible. The advantages of the beam closing system are timely sampling, continuous monitoring, reliable analysis of data and accurate prediction, which can still ensure the normal monitoring work after the underground power failure

microcomputer controlled fire prediction system is composed of underground detection system and ground measurement station. The underground detection system includes smoke detector, carbon monoxide analyzer, air temperature sensor and wind speed needle. With the rapid development of building energy conservation in China, the underground information is read by the ground microcomputer. Today, it is displayed, printed and stored. When any detector reaches above the specified signal value, the ground station will immediately send an audible and visual alarm to indicate that a fire has occurred somewhere underground

1. When mining coal seams with natural ignition tendency, reasonable mining technology should be adopted to prevent the natural ignition of coal

choose reasonable development methods and coal mining methods. When mining coal seams with spontaneous combustion tendency, the development method of stone gate and rock roadway should be adopted, so that the coal seams can be cut less, the coal pillars can be left less, and it is convenient to close and isolate the goaf. If the roadway must be developed in the coal seam and the service life is long, the bond should be built

2. For the coal seam with spontaneous combustion, the backward mining should be adopted, and the forward mining is prohibited. Coal mining methods with high recovery rate, fast recovery speed and easy closure of goaf shall be selected. Therefore, long wall mining method is suitable for mining coal seams with spontaneous combustion tendency. The filling method manages the roof, which is conducive to fire prevention

3. Reasonably arrange the mining area. When arranging the mining area in the coal with spontaneous combustion tendency and the strong technical support layer of DSM R & D team, the size of the mining area should be determined according to the length of the natural ignition period of the coal seam and the Lake mining speed. If the natural ignition period of the coal seam is not considered, the strike length of the mining area is blindly increased, and the goaf has spontaneous combustion before it is mined out

4. Improve the lake recovery rate and adhere to the regular cycle. The lower the recovery rate is, the more coal is lost, and the more abnormal the recovery rate is, the more prone it is to spontaneous combustion. Therefore, we should adhere to the regular circulation, speed up the mining speed, clean the floating coal in the working face, improve the mining rate, and timely caving or filling

5. Prevent spontaneous combustion in the roadway. First of all, we should ensure the engineering quality of the roadway and prevent roof fall. In case of roadway roof fall or cavities formed by coal and gas outburst, floating coal shall be removed to isolate it from the outside air and prevent coal oxidation

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