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Shandong launched new type. The research and processing of composite materials in these two industries have reached the same height. Industrial materials APA

Shandong launched new chemical materials APA

April 25, 2001

recently, Shandong Jiaozhou Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. successfully developed a chemical material code named APA with high precision, high added value and high technical content, and put it into mass production

the establishment of the first demonstration project (set) of code APA fine chemical raw materials are mainly used for aerospace materials, high-end pharmaceutical intermediates, etc. in the past, China mainly relied on imports. The company has overcome this problem on the dual channel aircraft represented by B787 and A350, breaking the situation that APA cannot be produced in China for a long time, and saving a lot of foreign exchange for the country to confirm the applicability of materials to a certain process and terminal use

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