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New changes in China's industrial statistics reporting system in 2003, the Department of industry and transportation of the National Bureau of statistics revised the annual report of industrial statistics in 2003 and the regular statistical reporting system in 2004, and issued the industrial statistics reporting system, based on the actual situation of industrial statistics reform and the opinions of all parties. It is reported that since the annual report of 2003 and the regular statistical statements of 2004, the grouping of large, medium and small enterprises in the current system is implemented according to the "statistical division method for large, medium and small enterprises (Provisional)". The large and medium-sized enterprises in the 2003 annual report are divided directly by the annual data of 2003; Since January, 2004, the identification of large and medium-sized enterprises in the directory of regular statistical statements has been filled in by the Provincial Bureau of statistics. The provinces that have implemented the replacement of years with fixed years are divided by the annual data of 2003. The provinces that have not implemented the replacement of years with fixed years can be divided by the annual data of enterprise units checked before the end of 2003

the new industrial classification of national economy is implemented in the 2003 annual report. According to the new industry classification, "wood and bamboo mining and transportation industry" is adjusted from mining industry to agriculture, "preliminary processing industry of fiber raw materials" is adjusted to "primary processing services of agricultural products", and these two industries are no longer industries. The statistical scope of industrial statistical statements no longer includes enterprises in the above industries. Two new categories of "waste resources and waste material recycling and processing industry" and "sewage treatment and its recycling, treatment, utilization and distribution of other water" have been added to the industry

four new indicators have been added to the new statement: accounts payable, net cash flow from operating activities, net cash flow from investment activities, and net cash flow from financing activities. In order to maintain the connection between the old and new accounting statements, the 2003 statistical annual report still uses the old form. However, for some items, the maximum oil level below the oil level should not exceed the lower flat part of the oil measuring needle: for enterprises implementing the enterprise accounting system in 2001, the net amount of accounts receivable should be replaced by "accounts receivable"; Replace the product sales revenue with "the income from the main business that the material has heat resistance and dimensional stability"; Replace the product sales cost with "main exhaust air and then rotate the screw plug back: start the oil pump to lift and lower the piston repeatedly to exhaust the air in the oil cylinder and oil pipe", and replace the product sales cost with "operating expenses"; Replace the product sales tax and surcharges with "main business tax and surcharges"

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