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A new chapter in the development of the "the Belt and Road" has been signed by the intercontinental oil and gas industry and Financial Alliance proposal

all parties that issued the proposal and reached a strategic consensus will support Hainan's participation in the national "the Belt and Road" strategic layout in the form of "industry + finance" and "base + fund" in two ways of "bringing in" and "going out"

on April 9, 2015, at the "21st century Maritime Silk Road" - Hainan energy industry and financial development forum held in Sanya, Hainan, intercontinental oil and gas (14.50,1.320,10.02%) Co., Ltd. and Longcang Chuangfu Hainan venture capital fund, together with the equity and venture capital Professional Committee of China Investment Association and Beijing Shengshi Hongming Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., signed the proposal for industrial and Financial Alliance, Its main purpose is to establish a long-term strategic partnership with Hainan Province with the energy industry as the core and equity and venture capital as the link, and carry out all-round strategic cooperation in the national "the Belt and Road" strategic layout and the development of new energy (2116.72,51.870,2.51%) related industries, so as to drive the development of Hainan's marine economy and industry, promote economic transformation and upgrading, and support the realization of the internationalization and ecological strategy of the international tourism island. After the joint issuance of the proposal, the Sanya Municipal People's Government of Hainan Province signed a memorandum of cooperation with Longcang Chuangfu fund, and intercontinental oil and gas signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (17.15,0.280,1.66%) Haikou Branch. Leaders from the Macroeconomic Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, China Venture Capital Commission, Hainan Province and Sanya City attended and witnessed the signing ceremony

all parties that have issued the proposal and reached a strategic consensus will support Hainan's participation in the national "the Belt and Road" strategic layout in the form of "industry + finance" and "base + fund" in the form of "bringing in" and "going out". In the future, Hainan Province will be the focus of the development layout of strategic emerging industries such as new energy, clean energy and advanced equipment manufacturing, and cooperate with government units at all levels, social enterprises and research institutions in Hainan Province to drive the development of new energy related industries in Hainan Province; At the same time, increase cooperation with Hainan in the financial fields such as industrial funds, and take this as a starting point to promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of Hainan Province, so as to build Hainan into an important strategic fulcrum and bridgehead of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road. And intercontinental oil and gas has thus obtained a very excellent forward base

the "the Belt and Road" development concept advocated by the Chinese government with great foresight connects the Asian economic circle and the European economic circle. About 80% of China's crude oil imports and almost all natural gas imports come from the "the Belt and Road" countries. Through the "the Belt and Road" energy cooperation, we can ensure the stability and sustainability of this part of oil and gas imports, and ensure the safe and sufficient supply of oil and gas in the country; As a non-state-owned oil and gas company with the highest domestic equity oil production at present, if intercontinental oil and gas can seize the opportunity, it will be possible to form an oil and gas cooperation situation with relevant countries with the widest and deepest degree of supply chain and industrial chain cooperation in the world, and this trip to Hainan has opened up new opportunities for the development of the maritime Silk Road for intercontinental oil and gas

it is understood that intercontinental oil and gas company has the maten project in Kazakhstan, including three oil fields of mating, Kara and dongke. All of them are in production and stable production, with an annual output of more than 500000 tons of light crude oil. Its original geological resources are 305.83 million barrels, and the remaining recoverable reserves are 66.91 million barrels. Since the delivery of the oil field to intercontinental oil and gas in June 2014, the company has carried out continuous fine reservoir geological research on the three oil fields. Based on the evaluation and Research on the development status, structural characteristics, reservoir types, reservoir distribution characteristics and other aspects of the oil fields, the company has made good discoveries through rolling exploration, and has completed pilot production and obtained considerable industrial oil flow. According to the latest reserve report of Gaffney, cline associates (GCA), its remaining recoverable reserves have been updated to 107.5 million barrels, and marten applied for and approved the new equity area of 87.42 square kilometers, which laid a good reserve replacement foundation for the company to rapidly increase production in the future

in recent years, the growth rate of China's oil and gas consumption is much higher than the world average. China's dependence on foreign oil and gas has increased continuously, and has become the world's major oil and gas importer. In 2013, China's external dependence on crude oil was close to 60%, and that on natural gas was more than 30%. The acquisition of oil and gas assets in the international market is an important part of the development strategy of intercontinental oil and gas. 15. Intercontinental oil and gas can determine three key asset acquisition regions in Central Asia, China and North America through the additional dialer. Kazakhstan in Central Asia occupies a top priority position in the company's asset acquisition. Under the background of the continuous decline of global oil prices, there are more and better M & A opportunities. The negotiation of projects that could not be negotiated before has become relatively easy. According to the major asset acquisition plan released by InterContinental oil and gas recently, the reserves of Keshan project it acquired are 110million barrels, and the transaction price is determined to be 350million US dollars, which is significantly reduced by 50million US dollars from the previous preliminary price. The Carmen project, which will be acquired in the latest announcement, has a reserve of more than 60 million barrels, and the transaction price is only $120million. To sum up, in just one month, intercontinental oil and gas has purchased a considerable amount of reserves that if the waterproof fails and has not been repaired, the total transaction price is still lower than the transaction consideration of marten last year! It is expected that after the acquisition, the company's reserves and production will increase significantly, and the acquisition of oil fields in production will bring considerable cash flow to listed companies in the next few years. At the same time, the project to be acquired will form a regional synergy with the current three oilfields of marten company, forming an efficient integration of petroleum technology talents, management talents, surface oil and gas processing facilities and capital, Mr. Christian Marx, the global business director of Tyvek/typar, said: "Tyvek's use is not just the packaging of medical devices, which greatly reduces the capital investment and operating costs of the oil field, improves the income of the project, and will help intercontinental oil and gas gain a firm foothold in Kazakhstan, laying a solid foundation for the company's rapid development in Central Asia in the future.

according to analysts who have been tracking the oil and gas market for a long time, with With the construction of the "Silk Road Economic Belt", the exchanges and economic cooperation among Central Asian countries will be closer. In the future, China may further strengthen the import of oil and gas resources from Central Asian countries. In addition, it cannot be ignored that in the early stage of the construction of the "the Belt and Road", it must be the construction of infrastructure such as railways, highways, oil and gas pipelines, which will inevitably drive the substantial growth of energy demand in the region. With the gradual improvement of the "the Belt and Road" infrastructure, intercontinental oil and gas investment in Kazakhstan can also enjoy more policy and regional dividends. The layout of the company in the onshore Central Asia area has been scaled up. Now it is time to make good use of Hainan, the bridgehead of the maritime Silk Road, and work with all parties to implement the strategic development of "industry + Finance + base"

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