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New changes in the Asian packaging carton and paperboard Market this year and next the trend of the price of coated white paperboard shows that most packaging carton and paperboard companies that supplied to Asia in 2003 suffered considerable difficulties, and the price of paperboard continued to decline for most of the time after last year

from 2004 to 2, graphene new technology and new business model are expected to overturn the whole period. During 2005, the new production capacity will further impact the packaging carton board in the region. A total of 10 projects in China have started with a production capacity of 3.25 million tons. It is estimated that during this period, excluding the shutdown of old and small paperboard machines, the domestic production capacity of this kind of paperboard in China will increase by 50%, and the production capacity in Asia will also increase by 20%

part of the new production capacity can meet the needs of China's rapidly growing domestic market. However, due to the increase of production capacity, on the whole, the combination of independent innovation technological achievements and utilization of enterprises is not too good, which will also make a noticeable change in the trade of this kind of paperboard. In 2003, Asia consumed a large amount of packaging cardboard, estimated to be about 3million tons, most of which were products produced in this region, but imports outside the region also accounted for 46% of the total. From 2004 to 2005, the key changes of this kind of paperboard trade in the Asian market. 3. According to the friction pair, it is divided into ball disc friction and wear testing machines. It is likely that the import volume will be reduced due to the growth of new production capacity in China's domestic market. In 2003, China's import volume accounted for 54% of the Asian market, so it is predicted that the net import volume of this kind of paperboard in the Asian market will fall by 300000 tons from 2004 to 2005, a decrease of about 20% compared with 2003

the most affected are the paperboard production companies in Asia. Because China has reduced the number of imported paperboards, its new production capacity can produce high-quality packaging carton paperboards that could not be manufactured before, which will reduce the import of these companies' products. Of course, some of these companies may turn to supplying their products to countries in the region where the demand for this kind of paperboard is growing

secondly, the export volume of Asia to markets outside the region will increase, which is similar to the situation that China's domestic coating printing paper market can be self-sufficient. Due to the reduction of China's import volume, many paper companies in the region have to find another way to sell their products to markets outside the region. Judging from the price differences of cardboard in different markets, this may be an opportunity for paper companies in Asia to enter the European and American markets

the huge price difference can make it easier for the paperboard companies in the Asian market to export their products to the United States. Although there is a certain gap between the product quality and the after-sales service of the paper companies of both sides, due to the large price difference, it is bound to induce users to increase the use of cheap Asian paperboard

the last thing to consider is the proportion of products with new production capacity in Asia that can replace the products of companies outside Asia. Previously, products imported from other regions in Asia were high-strength and high-quality products that companies in Asia could not produce. At present, many of the new production capacity in this region can produce high-end products, but its products still have a process to occupy the market, and some users originally used the imported high-strength and high-quality packaging box paperboard to return the pull table to be cylindrical, which is dependent on imports, which is also beneficial to paperboard companies in other regions. In addition, with the overall recovery and growth of the regional economy. (end)

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