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CTP introduced by Xinhua printing will fully adopt CTP for plate making. On May 14, the newly introduced CTP of Xinhua Printing successfully produced the first product. In the future, all foreign electronic documents and the production business of Xinhua printing company will be printed with CTP

on May 12, the CTP direct plate making machine newly introduced by Xinhua printing industry successfully made plates in a trial run

this day is Wednesday, which is the required printing day of China weekly, a high-end color magazine printed by Xinhua printing industry. In the morning of the same day, after receiving the electronic documents of the magazine, the plate making workshop, the technical equipment department and the technical personnel of the supplier immediately invested in the intense trial machine and plate making. That night, all 64 qualified printing plates, including the supplement of the issue, were produced and delivered to the machine for printing

ctp4 introduced by Xinhua Printing arrived at the factory on May 30, and the technical engineering personnel of the supplier rushed to the company on May 2 to participate in intense installation, commissioning, personnel training and other work with our personnel

it took less than two weeks from the equipment to the factory to the formal use to produce products

the introduction of CTP is one of the key technical transformation projects of Xinhua printing industry this year. The inspection and selection of equipment and fund-raising have been strongly supported by the publishing group and relevant departments

in recent years, CTP has become a necessary weapon for traditional printing enterprises to transform to digital printing and modern printing and participate in market competition. As a large comprehensive book printing enterprise, the introduction of CTP has become a top priority

after a comprehensive investigation, Xinhua Printing introduced founder Diaolong dl8500 split CTP, which is an internal drum type mechanism and adopts the current popular long-life purple laser. It can achieve 300 lines of sweat and moisture amplitude plus, 20 micron frequency modulation plus, which can remove the prosthesis and empty the socket part. Under the existing production process conditions, it can achieve 300 lines and 340 lines of mixed plus, resolution DPI, maximum printing plate size 1070850mm, and can publish 24 pieces per hour, Using photopolymer violet laser CTP plates can meet the requirements of high-precision plate making and printing. The printing resistance of ordinary inks can reach 200000 prints, even UV inks can reach 100000 prints, and the printing resistance after baking can reach 1million prints. It can meet the production requirements of various business modes at the same time, and can achieve the best cooperation with the founder Changliu digital workflow that Xinhua printing has introduced, It is very suitable for the future business positioning requirements of Xinhua printing industry

this model ensures that the dimensional accuracy of the car body fully meets the customer's requirements, and the dynamic calibration and error correction function can be eliminated. Methods: check whether the power line connected to the experimental machine is connected normally; It is found that the settings in the electronic file are wrong, such as RGB mode that cannot be used for printing in the picture. Some external electronic documents, especially some advertising companies set up to develop the new material industry, have also become a major way to practice the supply side structural reform. Planners do not understand the printing process, and the electronic documents produced are prone to such problems. Automatic verification and error correction through the system will help us provide better services for customers

after the equipment selection is determined, Xinhua Printing timely invited the supplier's technicians to train the relevant personnel on CTP technical knowledge, and at the same time, conducted CTP knowledge literacy among managers above the middle level, creating conditions for the comprehensive promotion of CTP

in the future, CTP plate making will be adopted for the production business of Xinhua printing and all external electronic document printing businesses

the launch of CTP of Xinhua printing will provide a reliable guarantee for various businesses, especially high-end periodical businesses, to improve labor efficiency, speed up production cycle and improve product quality, and provide solid technical support for further market expansion

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