The hottest new children's soap packaging appears

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A new type of children's soap package appeared on the market

in the summer of 2007, American children who played outdoors enjoyed more fun when taking a bath, thanks to Crayola's squeeze spray foam skin care soap, which was launched by an American household chemical company

this new 6-ounce package injects new vitality into tip (Crayola brand), which is available in two colors. The package adopts a transparent PET bottle blown from a special embryo tube, and the jacket is a 7-color PVC shrink label, designed by one eleven studio of Berlin packaging company. The top of this extruded bottle is the foaming agent of ecosqueeze, which shows different types through the color of bottles and labels in the current situation of increasingly serious homogenization competition, and emits fragrance matching the packaging

personalized design

in order to meet the needs of customers, one eleven Studio provides a number of design schemes, including integrating the personalized quality of tip into packaging design. Make the products appear very novel and visually attractive on the dazzling commodity shelves, which can immediately jump into the eyes of customers

parents always try to make children like bathing, and the innovative, interactive and entertaining Crayola brand can make the cleaning process of children easier. The crayon shaped bottle with conical ring injected new vitality into tip, and the smiling face on the label seemed to invite children to squeeze the belly of the container to get foam

after the design scheme is selected by the partner, the samples produced need to be tested. If we recommend this new package to parents and children, their use proves that the product not only has a good cleaning effect, but also can make them feel better

at present, the market response to this packaging design is very good. Now the company is entrusting one eleven studio to continue to integrate the characteristics of tip into the packaging of other products such as children's shampoo

the sales situation of this new product can be judged through the market. The packer ABF adopts the packaging form of 12 bottles per box, and the retail price of the product is scheduled to be $2.99. In addition, mixed packaging is also carried out according to the requirements of other customers

bottles are blown and labeled in China. Because they believe that China is a very important region in their business field, and the good experience they have gained is the reason why they are willing to choose to produce l-cable sample length and packaging here

parallel development

in this case, CAD design software worth 15000 US dollars can communicate with people anywhere in the world in real time, which is very critical for factory processing. At the same time, for the selection of materials that are difficult to clean the bottle body, whether developing germ tubes or blowing bottles, we must ensure a certain degree of elasticity, and the extruded foaming agent must also work with the bottle to facilitate the extrusion to form soap foam

this design software combines the advantages of production software used by many packaging processors. When software is used for design, the designed works can be converted into the software platform of the manufacturer. This means that all tolerances and specifications are the same from the west to the Far East, and it can completely solve and eliminate all problems related to the accuracy of structural design. For most suppliers, whether domestic or foreign, there are one or more production software to communicate with the design software of one eleven studio

at the same time, Kevin, an assistant professor in the Department of science and mathematics at the Singapore University of technology and design, said, "we have developed a reusable thermosetting photosensitive polymer for the first time, and the company has maintained the same communication with the company. Most of the employees of the studio have professional backgrounds in the industry, understand how to effectively cooperate with customers and suppliers, and try our best to provide projects to suppliers with the best matching technology

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