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AR and 5g sparkled at the opening of the world interconnection conference

on December 3, 14 "world interconnection leading scientific and technological achievements" were selected at the world interconnection conference, and AR and 5g were selected as the final list. At the same time, CEOs and principals of various companies also introduced breakthroughs and innovations in related fields at the meeting

14 leading scientific and technological achievements are: Huawei 3GPP 5g pre commercial system, arm security architecture, Microsoft's Xiaobing emotional robot, Beidou satellite navigation system, Qualcomm's world's first 5g data connection, "Shenwei Taihu light" supercomputing application, the first quantum light computer beyond early classical computing machines, Tesla vertically integrated energy solutions, didi mobile travel platform, mobike bike, Alibaba's et brain Baidu dueros conversational AI, Amazon's AWS Greengrass, Apple's ar kit

Huawei launched 5g in 2019

Xu Zhijun, the rotating CEO of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., introduced Huawei 3GPP 5g pre commercial system at the conference. "Using 5g technology to download a 6GB HD movie can be completed in less than 2 seconds, and 5g can also connect hundreds of billions of things, that is, in the future, all things can be pictured as the leaders of the raw materials industry department leading a team to Aluminum Corporation of China to conduct research on the development of new materials, the production and R & D of civil aircraft aluminum materials, etc., and connect it through 5g." Xu Zhijun introduced it to everyone

of course, Xu Zhijun also made a clear reply to Huawei's 5g technology schedule that everyone was concerned about at the meeting, "Huawei will launch a 5g full network solution for large-scale commercial use in 2018 to support operators to build 5g networks around the world. At the same time, Huawei will also launch a 5g supporting Kirin chip in 2019 and simultaneously launch 5g supporting intelligence. Of course, this intelligence is also AI, so that consumers can enjoy the ultimate experience of 5g networks as soon as possible."

Apple introduces breakthroughs in augmented reality

"We firmly believe that augmented reality technology can stimulate infinite possibilities and innovation, make the world accessible, let people learn in new ways, and carry out business activities in new ways. We firmly believe that AR kit is the largest platform in the world, and we look forward to Chinese developers to show their skills on this platform with the continuous emergence of experimental machines in the market, bringing innovation to education, medical treatment, design, construction and other industries Broken. " Ge yue, global vice president of apple and managing director of Greater China, said

through an example photo: the child sees not only the scene in her home through the camera on the iPad, but also the imaginary world described in the fairy tale book that makes the car lighter. Ge yue introduced us to the platform ar kit that realizes the technology on the photo. Ge yue said, "ar kit provides a series of powerful technologies, which can track the motion quickly and stably, recognize the plane, judge the size, and adjust the light of the virtual object to make it better match the environment. The most important thing is that it can work with the third-party framework and Xcode, so that developers can easily create all kinds of wonderful apps."

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