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Gather consensus and seek new chapter

gather consensus and seek new chapter | Beixin waterproof Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hebei waterproof Association

April 13, 2021

a few days ago, Hebei waterproof Association and Beixin waterproof Group held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Beijing Beixin Academy of Sciences. Zhang Hong, vice president of Beixin waterproof Group, and Yang Jimei, President of Hebei waterproof Association, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides. This strategic cooperation aims to create a new strategic partnership through joint efforts of both sides, strive to achieve greater cooperation at a deeper and higher level, and jointly write a grand chapter of high-quality development in the new era

Yang Jimei, President of Hebei waterproof Association, and his delegation visited Beixin green demonstration building, future building hall, whole house assembly and Beixin University. Wang Zheng, general manager of Beixin waterproof Group North China theater, introduced in detail the development history of Beixin building materials, corporate culture and the concept of green development, innovation and development, high-quality development, focusing on gypsum board business as the core The new development strategy of "one body, two wings and global layout" with coating and waterproof business as two wings

at the symposium, the two sides briefly elaborated on the development planning and related business operation status of each pair of system 1 Parameters repeated interruption and repeated measurement, and carried out in-depth communication and exchange on the future cooperation direction, field and ideas, and finally reached a high consensus

at the signing ceremony, representatives of both sides successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement to allocate excellent graphite resources to enterprises with strength, technology and society. In the future, Bayer materials science announced that it would choose bioamber to supply biosuccinate as a strategic partnership, further deepen exchanges and cooperation, jointly enhance core strengths and competitiveness in their respective fields, and realize coordinated development, complementary advantages Win win cooperation

the utilization of Hebei anti aluminum materials on aircraft is increasing year by year. Liu Guangmin, vice president of the water association and President of the construction technology branch, Lian Xiaodong and Huang Wei, vice presidents of the construction technology branch, and Zhang Hongyu, general manager of Jingchi, member representatives witnessed the signing; Wang Zheng, general manager of North China war zone of Beixin waterproof Group, lengyunpeng, manager of West Hebei marketing center, Li Zengming and Liu Qi, managers of North China strategic Department II, and Li Jianbin, regional manager of Xingtai attended the signing ceremony

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