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Liugong assembly plant works overtime all night to meet the urgent needs of customers

Liugong assembly plant works overtime all night to meet the urgent needs of customers

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in enterprises, staff will take meeting the needs of customers as the working principle. On April 9, Liugong assembly plant, as the name suggests, received an order to complete the assembly of a special high-end machine in the background for two years, which was sent to Australia overnight according to the customer's requirements

the Australian construction machinery market and Liugong's overseas business have special historical complex and good market prospects. According to the usual time to complete the assembly of a machine, it can't be completed within twoorthree days, but the assembly factory will never give up every product sales opportunity, and issued production instructions, requiring that it must be shipped on April 12

in Liuzhou in spring, at more than six o'clock in the evening, the sky gradually darkened, but the employees in the rear section of the assembly plant line did not worry at all. 2 Constant speed electromechanical add inverter home, but after eating simple fast food and returning to their respective posts

time is tight and the task is heavy. After receiving the production order, Ma Jinxing, the director of the post production section, did not flinch from the difficulties in front of him, but actively promised the leaders, "even if we work all night, we will complete it with quality and quantity! Please rest assured!"

just do it. Ma Jinxing immediately organized Qin Mengyi, the capable cadre and labor model of the section, Gao Zhiming, the inspection director of the quality department, and two other employees to set up a surprise team. The team members made clear the division of labor, implemented and sorted out the missing parts replenishment and paint appearance treatment one by one, coordinated the resources of all parties, and reasonably arranged the time to meet the production rhythm

the time quietly arrived at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m... the night shift workers on that day had finished their production tasks and went home. The busy production site during the day was quiet, and only the members of the shock team were left on the site. The roller spacing between the conditioning rollers was slightly smaller than the desired thickness of the next piece. They had long forgotten the coming of the night and continued to be busy under the light. They work meticulously according to the process flow, assembling, reinspecting, repairing, reinspecting and warehousing

at 3:30 a.m. the next day, the commando team of the post line section finally completed the task, and a small sense of achievement was kindled in the hearts of several commandos

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