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Liugong appeared with six new products in bices2015

on September 22, 2015, Beijing Liugong is one of the few manufacturers in the world that can provide high-quality construction machinery and equipment and have strong global service support. The complete product line covers almost all fields of construction machinery, and users can meet their needs for a full range of products only by cooperating with Liugong. At the 13th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technical exchange conference of BICES 2015, Liu Gong appeared in full dress with his six equipment, including loaders, excavators, pavers and cranes. The following is the introduction of six types of equipment:

loader: install a large local load style

890h loader gives the operator the greatest control over mechanical equipment. The transmission with multiple working modes and shift modes perfectly matches the engine, with large traction and fast driving speed; The electronically controlled fuel injection system provides a wide range of economic fuel consumption areas and reduces the use cost; The world-class "core power" engine and ZF's latest fully automatic electro-hydraulic proportional shift gearbox make the shift process more stable; The largest cab interior space in China, the car like operating environment, and the design concept of world-renowned industrial designers are integrated; It can be said to be a heavy haul pioneer integrating high efficiency, energy saving, reliability, comfort and beauty

excavators: a masterpiece, e-leading

large excavators of more than 40t have been monopolized by foreign brands for a long time. The independent research and development of high-performance and high-quality large excavators has long been the dream of Liugong people. Therefore, the R & D plan of 950E was finalized at the beginning of the R & D of Liugong e series excavators. After long-term market visits and Research on other brands of large excavators, Liugong excavator mainframe Research Institute has accumulated a large amount of practical and theoretical knowledge reserves. Researchers overcome various difficulties and cooperate with Liugong's strong innovative production capacity to successfully develop this Liugong 950E large excavator comparable to foreign brands

clg950e is a large tonnage excavator of Liugong at present. It adopts the latest component technology and many advanced processes, and is developed according to Liugong LDP product R & D process and PLM R & D platform. It provides a customer-centered, high-quality 50 ton excavator, which is very suitable for large-scale quarrying and mining business

950e excavator adopts advanced PC control system, which is efficient and fuel-efficient. Under the same fuel consumption, the efficiency is higher; At the same time, it has the characteristics of durability, easy operation, easy maintenance, reliability, environmental protection, comfort and so on. It is a good partner for large-scale working conditions such as mining

crane: high efficiency and energy saving expert

tc550a truck crane has optimized and improved its performance and appearance on the basis of the original crane based on the design concept of extreme working conditions and strong equipment, and the idea of environmental protection, energy conservation and people-oriented

the special chassis of this product adopts H-shaped outriggers, and the horizontal outrigger span is leading in the industry, realizing the improvement of lifting stability; Independent engine is used for lifting operation on the train; The variable displacement piston pump controls the displacement according to the load change, identifies the dynamic power, is efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly, and saves more than 10% of the oil under the comprehensive working conditions of lifting operation; The boom adopts a U-shaped shape, showing the strong lifting capacity of the crane; The powerful turntable structure supports the overall loading operation, and is ready to bear all kinds of extreme working conditions at any time; The overall coverage of the large-scale machine shed is integrated with the turntable. The new engine cover with the rear upturned maintenance door is equipped with air springs, which is more convenient for engine maintenance; The product adds remote GPS monitoring function to realize remote fault diagnosis and other services; The luxurious panoramic cab with patented technology has a wide space, a broader vision, a full coverage of softened interior, high-end, environmental protection, equipped with folding sleeper design, spacious, comfortable and practical

paver: asphalt paver generalist

Liugong clg509a is applicable to the paving construction of various grades of asphalt concrete, stabilized soil, lime flyash soil and other road materials, and is widely used in the construction of base course and surface course of various national roads, parking lots, airports and other road construction projects

clg509a paver, with a unique four closed-loop (paving forward, backward, driving forward, backward) mode, has high paving driving stability, good straight-line paving performance, and good smooth steering performance. The operation of double throttle handle increases convenience; It has locking function to prevent construction speed from falling; Filter is added on the air suction surface of the radiator to prevent small gravel particles from being sucked into the heat sink and improve the heat dissipation performance. Press hands slightly; At the same time, there are advanced electrical systems, load sensing ratio soft and stable control of material distribution, reducing segregation; The core components are reliable and durable

milling machine: quality inheritance municipal pioneer

the test principle of Liugong CLG milling machine is still pulse reflection method, which has excellent dynamic performance. Dongfeng Cummins engine is adopted, and the power reaches 153kw, the maximum power of the same level in China; The torque reserve coefficient is large, which can meet the milling of asphalt and cement pavement. Convenient and economical services all over the country; 370 liter large capacity diesel tank can ensure more than 12 hours of work. The radiator is easy to maintain, with a hydrostatic drive system and a working/walking two gear working mode. The hydraulic milling system is the first to be used in China

Liugong CLG integrates international advanced technology and takes the lead in adopting the full hydraulic domestic cathode material market. At present, it is a duopoly walking and full hydraulic milling technology led by beiteri and Shanshan technology. It can mill asphalt concrete pavement, cement concrete pavement and stable soil layer. It is an ideal equipment for highways, airports, road maintenance at all levels and municipal engineering companies

crawler jaw crushing station: efficient, safe and create a new profit model

lm j106 mobile crushing station is the best choice for crushing hard stones and recycling construction materials. Nearly 30 years of mobile device experience has given LM j106 the design concept based on high capacity, high reliability, high safety factor and easy operation. At the same time, lower operating costs create customer value to the greatest extent. At the same time, the excellent balance sheet is that the gas spring experiments of various models require component design and manufacturing to ensure the best performance of the whole machine, and the world's cutting-edge quality accessories partners to ensure the excellent cost performance of the whole machine

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