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On May 15, Liu Yandong, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and state councilor, cordially received Peng Shou, President of Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute and chairman of China Building Materials International Engineering Co., Ltd., during his inspection of independent innovation work in Anhui, and listened to Peng Shou's comments on the transformation and development of scientific research institutes The introduction of the independent innovation of enterprises and the construction of production, study and research platforms, especially the development of "new glass, new materials and new energy", highly appreciates the outstanding achievements made by Bengbu Institute in the development of transformation into the central large enterprise group, the development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the innovation of production, study and research composite magnetic plastics in the research mode with plastics as binder, and puts forward ardent hopes

Bengbu Institute vigorously develops "new glasses" such as TFT-LCD (thin film liquid crystal display) glass, TCO conductive film glass substrate for thin film solar cells, and Low-E low-radiation glass

"how about the technology and market situation of TFT glass?" Liu Yandong asked carefully, and Peng Shou answered one by one. When she learned that Bengbu Institute had made great strides in cooperative research and development aimed at this technology, she nodded frequently

at the same time, Bengbu Institute also carried out various forms of research and development and achievement transformation around "new materials" such as spherical quartz powder, around "new energy" such as amorphous silicon solar cells and photovoltaic building integration, as well as new energy-saving and emission reduction technologies such as full oxygen combustion and waste heat power generation, and achieved a number of scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights

"you have made great progress by acquiring a number of core technologies, vigorously developing the 'three new' industries and driving the development of new equipment!" Liu Yandong said happily, "you are the leading enterprise in the domestic glass industry. Your development ideas and directions are closely linked to the national strategy, especially in the TFT and solar energy industries, as well as total oxygen combustion and waste heat power generation. Your innovation has made important contributions to promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, structural adjustment and the development of circular economy in the glass industry!"

in recent years, Bengbu Institute has been trying to find the reason to build an innovation platform and innovate the transformation mode of industry, University and research. Using the independent innovation achievements, the Institute has built a national glass new material industrial park covering an area of more than 1500 mu, and has been approved by the Ministry of science and technology to build a State Key Laboratory of float glass new technology

"your model is very good. We need to focus on supporting enterprises as the main body to undertake the construction of scientific and technological platforms and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Relevant national departments will give strong support to enterprises as the main body to build R & D and industrial platforms and carry out independent innovation." Liu Yandong's encouragement further strengthened Peng Shou's confidence

not only that, China Building Materials International Engineering Co., Ltd., which was restructured and established by Bengbu Institute, has successfully entered the international market with Chinese float technology and complete sets of equipment in recent years. Last year, the products of the Indian float glass production line with a daily melting capacity of 600 tons, which was contracted by the company, sold well in India and abroad. The glass quality was better than that of the production line built by Europe and the United States in India, and received high praise from all walks of life in India

"it is not easy for foreigners to praise Chinese technology, which shows that you have made great efforts and achieved great success in implementing the strategy of 'the predecessor of this series of components is the sample prototype ready for production going out'." Peng Shou's report was affirmed by Liu Yandong many times. Finally, she asked, "I hope you keep up with the world's cutting edge, further strengthen independent innovation, and pay attention to patent protection, so as to better meet the new round of international competition, and constantly promote 'going out'. This is the most common equipment strategy in the plastic mixing laboratory, and continue to play a leading role in the industry."

zangshikai, member of the Standing Committee of Anhui provincial Party committee and Minister of publicity, Ni fake, vice governor, Xu Genying, director of the Provincial Department of science and technology, Cheng Yi, director of the Provincial Department of education, Chen Qitao, Secretary of Bengbu Municipal Party committee, Zhang Xiaocheng and Jiang Ya, members of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and vice mayors, and leaders of relevant national ministries and commissions were accompanied to the meeting

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