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Liu Wanquan: innovation boosts "machine replacement"

Liu Wanquan is debugging newly developed automation equipment

34 year old Liu Wanquan never seems to stop. On the evening of April 29, in the laboratory, Liu Wanquan, who had just participated in a research and development innovation "brainstorming" meeting the automotive interior standards, also invested in the testing of pressure regulating safety devices for the 4 hydraulic system of a newly developed automatic equipment

Liu Wanquan is the deputy director of the automation center equipment factory of Zhangzhou lidaxin Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. RTP Co., an engineering resin manufacturer, has acquired most of the assets of alloy polymers. This year is his tenth year in the company, and he is currently leading a team of more than 60 technicians

his company, Ericsson, is a high-tech enterprise dealing with "lighting", and its products are sold in 81 countries and regions at home and abroad. "Our company is at the forefront of the industry, and automated production is an important part of it. Our automation center plays a major role and must also be at the forefront of the industry!" Liu Wanquan said that innovation is the norm of his work. The team carries out the design and research of new automation equipment every month. The Department innovates innovative projects and produces patents every year

at the end of last year, the company officially put into use the automatic locking screw detection system for bulb products, which is an innovative achievement that Liu Wanquan and his teammates have worked hard for more than two years

previously, they have developed an automatic screw locking system for bulbs, but workers need to check whether they are locked in place. In order to further improve efficiency, at the beginning of 2016, Liu Wanquan began to carry out the research and development of automatic detection system. "Our R & D process should consider the cost and actual situation, and we have carried out three different dimensions of design." Liu Wanquan recalled that at the beginning, he chose to use sensors to detect, which was low-cost, but after three months of verification, he found that the actual application effect was unstable; Then they carried out the research and development of 2D visual inspection system. After three months of research and development and nearly a year of tracking and trial, they finally found that the inspection results were not accurate enough

R & D has fallen into a bottleneck. He always pays attention to the cutting-edge trends of the industry and finds that 3D cameras have become mature and popular at that time. So he contacted 3D camera manufacturers and decided to carry out the research and development of product 3D visual inspection system after communication. This is Liu Wanquan's first contact with 3D technology. In order to speed up the progress, Liu Wanquan and his teammates endured many overtime nights, and finally completed the research and development work after nearly five months and finally achieved success. The application of the system has reduced the number of manual uses by nearly 80 for the company, which not only improves the efficiency, but also improves the accuracy. The qualified rate of product quality has increased from 98% to 99.8%

over the years, Liu Wanquan has participated in obtaining 18 invention patents, and his department has put forward the development plan of automatic lamp cap assembly glue foam integrated machine, automatic lamp cap assembly semi-automatic machine, automatic pin machine and other equipment, and led the upgrade of lamp cap assembly glue foam integrated machine to high-efficiency integrated machine. Their R & D achievements have undertaken more than 70% of the semi-automatic production of LED bulb lamps. The project he developed won the first prize in the 2018 Fujian "five small" innovation competition for millions of employees; He won the honorary titles of 2016 Changtai County top ten craftsman and 2018 Fujian Province young post expert, and participated in the preparation of the LED process automation design standard. ⊙ Wang Kaiying, Lin Fengzhen, text/picture

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