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Liu Tiancheng: little liuguazi is temporarily stranded. I hope the government will coordinate and restructure.

following the disappearance of Anhui Private star brands represented by Anhui Longjin beer and a Mao food, yesterday, little liuguazi burst and closed down due to the rupture of the capital chain. So, why did little liuguazi come to this stage today? Where will its future go? In response to these questions, I interviewed Liu Tiancheng, the founder of little liuguazi

yesterday, the news of the shutdown of xiaoliuguazi caused an uproar after media reports. Is a brand with 30 years really going to decline

xiaoliuguazi is not only a local enterprise in Hefei, but also a leading agricultural product enterprise in Anhui Province. So, why did little liuguazi come to this stage today? Where will its future go? In response to these questions, yesterday afternoon, I interviewed Liu Tiancheng, the founder of little liuguazi

paying employees' wages out of their own pockets

is actually a small thing. They owe workers more than 200000 wages, which is also a very normal phenomenon of enterprises. I really didn't expect it to be so noisy. As soon as he saw it yesterday afternoon, Liu Tiancheng said that the key to today's situation was the problem with the handling of the matter

Liu Tiancheng said that he didn't know anything about the enterprise before it closed down. He only knew it when he saw the information and interview that afternoon. At that time, he was also very surprised

many workers in the factory are old employees, some of whom have worked for 20 years. They have deep feelings with the enterprise and the brand, and they don't want to see the enterprise close down. Liu Tiancheng told him that he rushed to the factory early yesterday morning, called all the employees for a meeting, and paid the employees' wages out of his own pocket

at its peak, the annual output value was 100 million

little liuguazi was well known in Hefei

at the beginning, it was a big pot. In 1979, it began to set up stalls, pull carts and shout around. It was busy all day. Liu Tiancheng still remembers the scene of sweating with a cauldron shovel

Liu Tiancheng said that it was very difficult for Xiao Liu melon seeds to start. In order to play the brand of Xiao Liu in Hefei, he once paid tribute to the founder of fool melon seeds, nianguangjiu, as his teacher, and studied in Wuhu for a period of time

after returning from Wuhu, Liu Tiancheng began to expand the production scale, increased the frying pan, and invited several helpers. Liu Tiancheng really became the boss

Liu Tiancheng recalled that in 1985, Xiaoliu melon seeds began to peak. At that time, supply was in short supply, and 8000 Jin of melon seeds could be sold in Sipailou one day. At that time, Xiaoliu melon seeds were a must-have for Hefei citizens' new year goods

China's speculation depends on Anhui, and Anhui's speculation depends on Hefei. The year 2005 was the heyday of little liuguazi, and the annual output value of that year reached 100 million

little liuguazi is not insolvent

after the reorganization of little liuguazi in 2010, Liu Tiancheng, who owns 20% of the equity, began to gradually retreat behind the scenes. The shutdown of Xiao Liu's melon seeds was also the last thing Liu Tiancheng wanted to see and least expected

Liu Tiancheng said that after the reorganization of Xiaoliu melon seeds, he had a new professional manager, so he rarely asked about the enterprise. He believes that the main reasons for the shutdown of xiaoliuguazi this time are poor management and the fracture of the capital chain

Xiao Liu Guazi is not insolvent. At present, the assets are more than 60 million, while the external debt is only 30 million. Therefore, Xiao Liu Guazi should still be a benign enterprise

there is no good management team + investment failure is the main reason for the decline

Liu Tiancheng said that little Liu Guazi really missed a lot of good opportunities, and there are many reasons for reaching this point today

Liu Tiancheng said that he was very persistent in the speculation industry. At that time, he just wanted to do a good job in speculation. During the vigorous period of the enterprise, he failed to see the situation clearly and did not take the road of diversified development in time

although the enterprise has developed and expanded, it has not formed its core competitiveness for so many years, and there is no good team to manage it. In addition, there are also great mistakes in business decision-making, making the latecomers superior. Liu Tiancheng concluded

investment mistakes are also the main reason why Xiao Liu Guazi has come to this stage. Liu Tiancheng said that in previous years, investment in some projects ended in failure, especially the two investments in Chizhou and Guangde, which lost a lot and lost everything

after moving for three years, Liu Tiancheng said that Xiao Liu Guazi has moved five times since its establishment. Several times, he was forced to move, and each time he moved, he brought a certain impact to Xiao Liu Guazi

as long as you can save little liuguazi, you are willing to transfer the brand free of charge

little liuguazi is not only a brand in Hefei, but also a brand in Anhui. The public's recognition is very high, and it's a pity if it disappears. Liu Tiancheng said that the brand of Xiao Liu has been painstakingly created by him for 30 years, day by day, bit by bit. As long as I am here, the brand of Xiao Liu will not disappear

I hope that people and enterprises with economic strength and team operation ability can save Xiao Liu Guazi. I hope that the brand of Xiao Liu Guazi can continue and continue to play Xiao Liu's social effect. Liu Tiancheng said that as long as he can save little Liu melon seeds, he doesn't care who owns the brand, and he is willing to transfer the brand free of charge

he said that he had been authorized by the other two shareholders to transfer the brand Xiao Liu free of charge

I hope the government will help coordinate the reorganization of Xiaoliu melon seeds

Xiaoliu melon seeds funds are broken, and there are many difficulties, so I have to close down and stop production. So, what will the future of little liuguazi be like? Who can save little liuguazi

Liu Tiancheng said that financing difficulties are a common problem for private enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. Once the capital chain is broken, enterprises will not be able to operate normally, and will face bankruptcy. At present, many local price rising brands at the same time as Xiao Liu do not exist. If the brand of Xiao Liu falls down, I will lose not only my personal and enterprise, but also Hefei

Liu Tiancheng said that the best way to save little liuguazi is the reorganization of assets, but the government needs to come forward to coordinate. At present, there are also indispensable testing equipment for material development, physical property experiments, teaching research, quality control, incoming inspection, random inspection of production lines and so on. Some powerful and credible large enterprise groups intend to restructure xiaoliuguazi. I hope that the government departments can pay attention to and pay attention to the current situation of xiaoliuguazi, help xiaoliuguazi restructure assets and tide over the current difficulties

link: Anhui Private star brand

Anhui Longjin beer

in 2004, China Resources beer spent 280million yuan to acquire 90% of the shares of Longjin group

in Anhui Province, Longjin beer was once the second largest beer enterprise with market share second only to China Resources beer, with an annual production capacity of 300000 tons. Previously, China Resources beer had two breweries in Anhui, with a production capacity of 450000 tons

according to media reports, the first target of China Resources' acquisition of beer enterprises in Anhui is Longjin group, which is located in Shucheng County, Lu'an City, more than 100 kilometers away from Hefei, but was rejected by Longjin. Since then, China Resources beer has quickly occupied Hefei and other markets through low-cost dumping, buyout operations and bonus sales

finally, Anhui Longjin beer was successfully acquired by China Resources beer

In the early 1990s, Yi Guoming, the founder of Mao food, began to take a fair choice of making bending specimens by hand. 1) geometry: the maximum bending distance on the three-point bending specimen with a circular cross-section is only 1 o'clock. Mao Tangyuan, which is sold along the streets of Hefei. Its main product, sesame stuffed dumplings, has a full and round appearance, smooth and sweet taste, and has been highly praised by Hefei citizens

by word of mouth, the fame of Mao Tangyuan has expanded rapidly in Hefei and has become a well-known grass-roots star food in Hefei

In 1993, yiguoming set up a Mao food factory and created a precedent for quick-frozen Tangyuan in China. In just three years, the annual output value of a Mao food has exceeded 60million yuan

In 2003, Yi Guoming, the founder of Amao food, owed tens of millions of yuan in gambling debts. Due to insolvency, the factory was forced to shut down

in order to pay off the gambling debt, Yi Guoming ran around to raise money. After a series of twists and turns, such as near bankruptcy and trademark auction, the vitality of Ah Mao food was greatly damaged, and the annual revenue scale was once reduced to 30million yuan

in 2011, Yi Guoming was once again accused of huge gambling debts, and the court finally sealed up the Amao food factory. At the beginning of 2012, the Amao brand changed ownership, and Wei Yilong bought the Amao trademark and technology. Anhui Amao food factory withdrew from the historical stage. (market star)

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