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Liu qiangdong and Ma Yun aim at the new trend of intelligent and unmanned gas stations

recently, JD signed a cooperation agreement with Sinopec, and JD's brand will enter 25000 Yijie convenience stores under Sinopec, so that consumers can place orders and pick up goods offline. Sinopec will also further carry out intelligent reform of gas stations with the help of's e-commerce model

in addition, Jack Ma also announced in early October that he would build an "unmanned intelligent gas station" in Hangzhou and equip convenience stores around the gas stations

the industry believes that the reform of gas stations is imperative. PetroChina and Sinopec have been exploring in this field and have already cooperated with Tencent and Alibaba. The intervention of Liu qiangdong and Ma Yun may overturn the traditional model of gas stations

Liu qiangdong told Sinopec gas station

Securities learned from Sinopec that on October 16, Zhang Haichao, senior vice president of Sinopec, chairman and general manager of the sales company, and his party paid a return visit to Liu qiangdong, chairman and CEO of JD group. The two sides formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, agreed to share advantageous resources, and comprehensively carry out online and offline business cooperation based on the retail network of Sinopec's gas stations and convenience stores, Build a smart "people car life ecosystem" for customers

as the largest refined oil retailer in China, Sinopec has more than 30000 gas stations, and 25000 easyJet convenience stores based on gas stations constitute the most extensive retail commodity network in China

Sinopec said that the comprehensive cooperation with would help its gas stations and Yijie convenience stores to significantly improve the operation and management level and efficiency of gas stations and Yijie convenience stores by introducing smart supply chain technologies such as sales forecasting, intelligent selection, warehouse distribution and intelligent replenishment with the help of's intelligent computing capabilities in big data, prediction algorithm, operation research algorithm, cloud computing and machine learning. At the same time, with the help of's commodities, supply chain, trading, logistics, membership, marketing and other e-commerce modules, Sinopec's retail network will be upgraded to an online and offline integrated platform for intelligent supply, intelligent operation and intelligent consumption

it is worth mentioning that the excellence of Jinan test pull machine software is that at present, Sinopec provides refueling services to 20million drivers on average every day, and has 180million refueling card members

it is understood that with the deep integration of online and offline resource advantages of both sides,'s brand zone and counter will be settled in 25000 Yijie convenience stores under Sinopec, and the sales price of products will be synchronized with's online retail price. Consumers can consume immediately, order and pick up goods offline; At the same time, Sinopec's self operated products will also expand online channels in JD mall, and can also use the terminal 5.1zui large static experimental force provided by "JD new channel": 500kN accuracy: 1% from 20% FS; Network, warehouse and distribution support, data sharing and other functions, innovate the "Internet + sales + service" business model, and realize Omni channel retail. Sinopec will also provide core partner policies and services for JD logistics through its oil supply advantages

in addition, with a view to the rapid growth of China's automotive after-sales service market,, with its market advantages accumulated over the years, can integrate diversified services such as automotive supplies and beauty maintenance into Sinopec retail stores. Consumers can buy automotive service products on and enjoy services at Sinopec gas stations. Similarly, through this deep integration of people, cars, data, finance, services and other factors, It will help both sides work together to create a more intelligent "people and car life service platform"

gas stations become a hot pastry for e-commerce expansion

in addition to Liu qiangdong's interest in the huge traffic entrance of gas stations, Ma Yun also began to make big moves in gas stations

"securities" also learned that in early October, Alibaba announced that it would build an "unmanned intelligent gas station" in Hangzhou, and provide convenience stores around the gas stations, extending offline tentacles to the field of gas stations, so that Shandong innovation groups can develop like a duck to water

it is revealed that compared with traditional gas stations, "unmanned intelligent gas stations" have subversive differences: from the time you drive into the gas station - refuel - pay - leave, there is no waiter, let alone a cashier. There is no need to queue, get off, or unscrew the oil cap, and the journey is unimpeded

in fact, as early as last year, Ma Yun began to think of gas stations and visited the current accelerated natural anaerobic process in garbage dumps & nbsp; Aripack launched the protagonists of new plastic additives gas stations - PetroChina and Sinopec, and cooperated with these two gas stations

in March 2016, PetroChina signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Alibaba group and ant financial services group in Beijing. The two sides agreed to deepen cooperation channels, expand cooperation fields, innovate cooperation modes, improve consumption experience and jointly promote the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of their businesses based on the Internet platform

in April 2016, Sinopec has already cooperated with Alibaba. It said it would use Alibaba to upgrade its traditional business. Embrace "Internet +" and realize the transformation and development of Sinopec

PetroChina also said that it would join hands with Alibaba to actively participate in the "Internet +" reform practice, speed up the building of smart logistics and smart gas stations, rely on the medium of Kunlun Gas card, carry out in-depth cross-border marketing, actively expand the automotive after-sales service market, and strive to build a "people car life ecosystem", enrich customers' consumption experience and meet customers' diversified consumption needs through the integration of online and offline channels, At present, we have seen phased results

now, Liu qiangdong has preempted more than 30000 gas stations of Sinopec in advance. Ma Yun may cooperate with PetroChina to "make things" by starting with its gas station

some market participants told securities that PetroChina and Sinopec have been carrying out the reform of traditional gas stations. With the increasingly fierce competition at the retail end, Liu qiangdong and Ma Yun are also looking for new traffic entrances. The two sides can be said to hit it off at once and take what they need. Great changes in the gas station are imperative

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