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The industrialization of UHVDC in China may have a large increase in the overseas market.

after decades of mode and development, China's DC industry has formed the world's largest existing DC transmission system. In the rapid development, it has also cultivated industrial companies with strong competitiveness. At present, it has not only realized the localization of UHVDC, but also independently developed UHVDC and realized industrialization; At present, China also has strong competitiveness in the field of flexible DC transmission

2. Excellent domestic enterprises have the strength to compete with international giants:

China has successfully implemented the Brazilian meilishui power transmission project in recent years, of which the second phase is mainly provided by Chinese enterprises EPC and. In 2017, the Pakistan DC of China's EPC was launched, and both Turkey's back-to-back DC and the UK's Shetland flexible DC projects were involved. In the competition with Siemens and abb, domestic enterprises have won the bid for key equipment

3. DC/flexible DC can benefit from the development of global industrialization

the economy of UHV/UHV DC has been highly recognized in the world. At present, the "eight AC and eight DC" UHV project has been completed and put into operation in China, and the "two AC and three DC" project is under construction. This year, a new UHV AC project is approved (it is expected that there will be DC project approval in China by the end of the year). But globally, projects such as trans regional intercontinental power transmission may be gradually launched. The total length of UHV lines has exceeded 32000 kilometers, and the commutation capacity has reached 330million KVA (kw), significantly higher than the global average. In recent years, domestic power equipment has successfully implemented the Brazilian beautiful landscape power transmission project cm;, The second phase is mainly provided by Chinese enterprises' EPC and equipment; In 2017, Chinese enterprises successively won the Pakistan DC transmission project, the turkey Fancheng back-to-back DC project and the UK Shetland flexible DC transmission project. Subsequently, the East Africa DC and Egypt DC that China has carried out earlier preliminary work are expected to start gradually. In the future, most of the world's hydropower transmission and long-distance high-capacity transmission will adopt ultra/ultra-high voltage DC transmission technology, and China's DC industry has long-term output capacity

4. Flexible DC is expected to relay UHV DC:

flexible DC has a series of excellent technical performance, especially suitable for problems such as wind farm access. At present, it is still in the early stage of commercial application due to the limitations of high cost and limited transmission capacity (insufficient power of semiconductor power devices). At present, both state power and southern power have successfully completed multi terminal flexible DC test projects such as 3-terminal and 5-terminal, and have tested ± 400kV flexible DC projects. It is expected that ± 500kV flexible DC projects will also be put into operation soon, and flexible DC will begin to commercialize rapidly

5. Developing countries such as Asia, Africa and Latin America continue to have new markets for electricity consumption

compared with developed countries, many developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, including China, have lower household installed capacity and per capita power consumption, especially in Southeast Asia and South Asia, where the population is close to 2billion. Except Singapore and Brunei, which can choose the reset button, The per capita electricity consumption is basically below 2kkwh/person, which is almost important when the pressure is maintained, and the rapid production of components with complex structures and functions has no part movement. The illusion of the power industry from investment and construction to consumption has great potential

6. Domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises have comparative advantages

China's power system has formed a systematic division of labor for a long time. The level of protection, automation, electrical control and other products and services has been in a leading position. The enterprise has strong general contracting strength. Compared with international giants, the system customization ability and cost performance are better, and the equipment capacity has output strength

7. Chinese equipment enterprises are transforming from equipment suppliers to solutions. The increment of overseas market is an important source for high-voltage equipment enterprises to achieve growth. As the capacity of traditional equipment manufacturing does not match the domestic demand to a certain extent, and enterprises often have heavy assets, in the past decades of rapid development in China, power, especially high-voltage power equipment enterprises, have provided infrastructure support and withstood the test of domestic high load and complex environment. If the manufacturing and general contracting capacity of enterprises can continue to realize the output of overseas markets, Power equipment enterprises still have room for sustainable development

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