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According to the report of "modern building services", BOC, a member of the Linde Group, has recommended that its maintenance company change the equipment currently used to prepare for the prohibition of refrigerant primary cylinders

in the air conditioning equipment maintenance market, the contractor usually uses the refrigerant packaged in portable 13 kg gas cylinders. Keep the integrity of parts and components according to de; Fra reported that about 80 tons of residual refrigerant gas has leaked into the atmosphere every year due to the random disposal of exhausted refrigerant packaging bottles

since july2007, non disposable gas cylinders are required to be used for the packaging of refrigerants, and the refrigerant packaged in disposable gas cylinders will be returned for mandatory recycling or legal disposal

Barry Lyons, refrigerant business development manager of BOC company, introduced that many large refrigeration companies are preparing for refrigerant packaging replacement according to the requirements of regulations, but independent contractors and some building air-conditioning maintenance providers do not know the relevant regulations of refrigerants, let alone understand the impact of these Regulations on business and customers

British Oxygen Company (BOC) was first established in 1886 to produce industrial oxygen. In 1982, vitality test fund and service assurance were listed in London and New York. The formulation Department of the company's energy and environment development strategy not only manufactures industrial oxygen, but also supplies nitrogen, hydrogen and helium. It has expanded to the field of medical and health care and spared no effort to create an overall gas solution

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