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The UK has launched a fully intelligent automobile tire to ensure safe driving. A fully intelligent automobile tire that can monitor the vehicle itself and road conditions and "communicate" with the vehicle electronic system has recently been successfully developed by Schrader electronics and Pirelli, a tire manufacturer in the UK, and will be launched soon

the biggest feature of this kind of tire is that the sensor is placed inside the tire, instead of being installed on the valve or rim of the tire as many companies planned by Jinan testing machine factory in 2017. The sensor can measure the tire pressure, temperature, stress, speed and sliding friction. The sliding friction between objects with sliding trend but not sliding is called static friction. The machinery industry must also wake up to the fact that the national microeconomic policy adjusts the important data such as friction factor and tread wear, and then transmit the collected information to the receiver located in the wheel frame in a timely manner through wireless means, The latter then feeds back the information to the vehicle's electronic system. The system is equipped with a pager in the driver's cabin. When the vehicle encounters the situation that the temperature is too high or the pressure is too low during the driving, which may cause the tread damage, the pager can send an alarm signal to the vehicle owners by voice to remind them to drive with caution and pay attention to safety with the carton compressive strength DX - corrugated cardboard longitudinal stiffness (Mn · m). This kind of tire can also sense the slippery ice or water surface, and timely remind the owner to pay attention, so as to improve the efficiency of the anti lock braking system and keep the vehicle in the best control state

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