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UD evanda Fischer signed a contract with hangding company to build a PA-6 polyester plant

UHDE Inventa Fischer and Hangzhou hangding nylon Technology Co., Ltd. (a company under Zhejiang sanding holding group) signed a contract to submit a PA-6 polyester plant. Based on the technology of UD evanda Fischer, this plant will produce textile grade fragments

the annual capacity of this new plant is 47000 tons of fragments. It will produce high-performance nylon 6 (HPPA) textile grade fragments for hangding's modern high-speed spinning plant

this technology not only improves the yield of the so-called "crawling" material caprolactam, but also optimizes the output of FDY and POY spinning processes and improves downstream processing

this plant uses the most advanced polymerization process approved by UHDE Inventa Fischer, which will basically achieve zero emissions. This very advanced factory uses combined energy-saving measures in its operation and will produce first-class HPPA textile products at the lowest operating cost

when the factory plans to test the cement strength during the Chinese New Year in 2012, the ambient temperature is required to be (17 ~ 25) degrees Celsius, which requires the mechanics room to take certain temperature control measures, especially before the winter and summer seasons

UHDE Inventa Fischer, a subsidiary of UHDE GmbH, has more than 4400 employees worldwide. The Institute will cooperate with production enterprises, universities and national laboratories. The company's activities focus on the design and construction of chemical and industrial plants

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