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The UFC mechanic's 13 year unbeaten gold body is broken! According to the news on December 30, 2018, Beijing time, today's UFC competition will undoubtedly focus on the championship competition between the robot woman and Amanda Nunez, as well as the second battle between the returning bone jonjones and Alexander Gustafson. However, in the women's competition, the mechanical woman really made many boxing fans unbelievable. This woman, who is known as the most able to fight on earth, has 13 years of unbeaten gold body, but boxing fans did not expect that she was KO in the first round. Many boxing fans believe that it is too tragic for the mechanic woman to have suffered this defeat in the past 13 years

in a word, Mr. czuba's report will discuss several case studies. The competition is a competition of unified champion belt and the competition of the strongest women on the surface. The UFC mechanic is the badminton champion, while her opponent Amanda Nunez is the UFC Junior Champion. It is estimated that before this game, many people speculated that the robot woman would win the game. But also in case of oil leakage, Ko won the game. After all, the UFC iron lady gave up her championship belt in the face of the 12 year unbeaten robot lady. However, things are completely different from what you imagined

although the competition between them was short, it was also wonderful. At the beginning of the game, the two sides began to attack each other continuously. But the speed and standing position of amandanus had an early advantage. After several rounds of boxing, the robot woman was a little unstable and staggered continuously. Although she could barely stand by virtue of the iron cage, she also gave several punches and caught Amanda. But Amanda Nunez went on with two heavy punches, and the robot fell to the ground. The game was over so soon. The people at the scene did not dare to imagine that they were watching the UFC robot woman's game. The fact is that the mechanic woman was defeated after 13 years of unbeaten gold body. She still suffered a tragic defeat and was KO in one round

after knocking down the robot woman, amandanus quickly jumped out of the cage to celebrate with the team. She was also very excited because she made history and became the first female player with a double champion in the history of UFC. A famous fighter has long said to amandanus: "if you want to make history in UFC, you need to end stronger people." Amandanus had already beaten Ronda 1 Rafael Cheng is different from Rosie. That battle has proved her. She is more popular. Now she has become a mechanic again and made history. Her fame is even greater

after unifying the champion, Amanda Nunez cried excitedly during the award process, and then hugged the robot woman. The most striking woman on earth has also become her title. The former robot woman, the most capable woman on earth, has become a loser

for the robot woman, I don't know whether it is due to age or any other reason that she lost the game so tragically. Ronda Rossi was once known as the most capable woman in the world, but since the winning streak was ended, he slowly left the octagonal cage of UFC. The mechanic, who is recognized as the former "the most capable woman on earth", doesn't know whether her career has begun to decline after this war. Of course, we hope that the market prospect of automotive plastics is quite broad

it is worth mentioning that Ronda Rossi moved to WWE after two disastrous defeats in the past year, but in fact, the robot woman contacted WWE earlier than Ronda Rossi. The mechanical woman had a verbal battle with Becky Lynch, a female contestant of WWE, on social media. She was very dissatisfied because WWE didn't care. She said in her words that she was going to WWE, but was sabotaged by Ronda Rossi. In fact, in recent years, the robot woman has begun to develop in the direction of entertainment. She has taken some advertisements, worked as a model, and participated in some reality shows. It seems that after Ronda Rossi, another woman with the strongest surface can't fight! Is it possible that the robot woman will follow Ronda Rossi to develop sports entertainment? What do you think of this

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