Feng Shui precautions of the porch partition cabin

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In fact, many of us like the porch partition cabinet, which can not only be beautiful, but also make effective use of space. When we get home, we see the cabinet as soon as we enter the door. The porch partition cabinet not only has the function of a cabinet, but also plays an extremely important role in strengthening home feng shui. The following editor will introduce the precautions of the porch partition cabinet and how the porch partition cabinet looks good

Feng Shui precautions for porch partition cabinet

1. We need to install porch partition cabinet, and we should pay attention not to affect the magnetic field. Affecting the magnetic field will be related to Feng Shui problems. Even a shoe will have a magnetic field, which can also affect Feng Shui. However, in Feng Shui, shoes are only suitable to be placed near the gate, but should not be placed in other places in the house, including the bedroom

2. There are many kinds of porch partition cabinets, and different people like different styles. When we walk around the street, the shoes we wear will be contaminated with the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. They are usually messy, so they are only suitable to be placed near the gate where we often go in and out

3. Don't let the porch partition the toe cap in the cabinet block good luck. For the popular pointed shoes at present, the toe cap is best placed in the cabinet, otherwise, every time you open the shoe cabinet to take out the shoes, the toe of the shoes is facing yourself, forming a fire. Over time, it is harmful to health

how to make the porch partition cabinet look good

1. If the porch partition cabinet wants to look good, in fact, it can be matched well in color, and the natural partition cabinet will look good. If you install the warm color lamp on the porch partition cabinet, you can create a warm feeling of small space, warm and comfortable color matching, showing the hero's nostalgia for home

2. If your favorite color is beige, white and black, the combination between them can make the original plain simple style furniture more layered. Make full use of the space, use the cabinet combination to distinguish the living room from the bedroom, increase the privacy of the bedroom, and better meet the storage function at the same time. Sitting on the sofa, you can pick up and place items easily, which is convenient for the handling and placing of items

summary: the above are the precautions for the porch partition cabinet and how the porch partition cabinet looks good shared by Xiaobian today. I hope to know that after understanding these contents, Feng Shui can improve the luck of every family member. We also need to grasp the size of the porch partition cabinet. Otherwise, the Feng Shui Effect of the porch will be greatly reduced or even counterproductive




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