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Custom wardrobe door is a necessary furniture for families, especially women, who attach great importance to this requirement. The style and characteristics of the wardrobe door reflect one's taste and pursuit of life. Especially for the era of pursuing free life and personalization, home customization has gradually developed into the mainstream. So what do we need to know when customizing the wardrobe door and how much it costs per square meter

I. key points of customized wardrobe door - size

we are customizing. We choose size specifications, and each furniture has its own size. Then we need to pay attention to the customized wardrobe door, because this should be combined with the size and size of the wardrobe. Paying attention to this can avoid too big or too small situations. Nowadays, there are many kinds of wardrobe doors. For example, most of the common ones in life are in the form of sliding doors or sliding doors

II. Key points of customized wardrobe door - Materials

when selecting the wardrobe door, it is not only the size problem, but also the material problem. Now there are many wardrobe doors of different materials on the market, and the effect presented to you is also different. More familiar are particle board, melamine plate and solid wood particle board. Because the characteristics of the three different plates are also different, the preference of each consumer is also different, so consumers can choose after understanding these material characteristics

III. key points of customized wardrobe door - style

like other furniture products, there are many different styles of wardrobe door. Different styles of modern countries have been well presented in the customization of wardrobe doors. But the problem that consumers must pay attention to when making a reservation for the wardrobe door is to pay attention to the correspondence between the wardrobe door and the overall wardrobe style. It is consistent with the style of the whole bedroom environment. Now there are many manufacturers in the wardrobe Market, and the style system of different manufacturers' wardrobe is also different. Manufacturers will also provide many styles to provide consumers with more choices

IV. key points of customized wardrobe door - price

it depends on what kind of door your door is, one is sliding door, the other is opening door

if the door is moved, it can also be divided into wood and glass. Generally, the door imitating 100 pages is generally 200 yuan/square meter, and the better wood inlaid with glass is about 500 yuan/square meter. There are many grades of glass, and they are divided into framed and frameless ones. The ordinary ones are 250-300 yuan/square meter, and the good ones are 400-600 yuan/square meter. The framed ones are cheaper than the frameless ones. If you open the door, you can find the manufacturer directly, which is usually 160 yuan/square meter. (price is for reference only)

see what you need to know about the customized wardrobe door introduced by the editor above, and how much is the wardrobe door for one square meter. Have you learned more about this aspect? If you need to buy a wardrobe door, you can refer to the above for purchase! I hope it can help you. If you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this website. Please look forward to more wonderful




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