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The reporter learned from the project Department of Luzhou Chengxi passenger station that the project of Luzhou Chengxi passenger station, which has attracted much attention, completed the completion acceptance of the main project in March. At present, preparations are under way before decoration, and it is expected to officially enter the site for decoration in June

the decoration project will be put into operation at the end of 4-5 months.

according to tanxudong, general manager of the project Department of Luzhou Chengxi passenger station, "after the main body is successfully accepted, we have started plastering the whole passenger station project since the end of March. Up to now, the plastering work has been completely completed, and the decoration project is expected to be fully started in June."

the reporter learned that the commissioning plan of the whole project of Chengxi passenger station, which was originally scheduled to be put into operation in August, has changed due to the delay in the acceptance of the main project

Tan Xudong said, "the main reason is that the main acceptance process was delayed. The decoration was originally scheduled for April, but now it has been postponed to June." According to the progress of the decoration, the decoration is divided into interior decoration and exterior decoration, which is expected to be completed in 4-5 months. With the commissioning of intelligent equipment, it is expected to be put into operation by the end of the year

according to tan Xudong, the whole decoration work is not difficult, involving 10000 square meters of roof. The main internal difficulty lies in the commissioning of intelligent equipment, including a complete set of equipment such as wireless network, intelligent monitoring, intelligent ticket checking system and monitoring system. After the commissioning, the first fully intelligent passenger station in Luzhou will be presented to the public

the Plaza passenger station will be relocated here, and the supporting facilities will be more perfect.

Chengxi passenger station is one of the four first-class passenger transport hub stations planned by Luzhou, with a total investment of 180million yuan and an area of 132 mu. It is located in Kangcheng Road, about 800 meters away from the Luzhou West interchange entrance of Na Qian expressway. It has convenient transportation, which is coordinated with urban development, land use functions, transportation networks, etc., and has a wide radiation range, excellent spatial layout, and powerful service functions

after the square passenger station is relocated to Chengxi passenger station, the square passenger station now includes 26 lines from Luzhou to Chengdu, Mianyang, Nanchong, Leshan, Gulin, etc., and the original departure lines and train numbers remain unchanged

not only that, after the relocation, the supporting functions will be more perfect

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