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On the eve of the May Day International Labor Day, the 17 day "healthy home sales consultant" training meeting of Yadan wardrobe business school was successfully held in Yadan headquarters and achieved remarkable results

on April 24, 2014, when the May Day International Labor Day is approaching, the 17 day "healthy home sales consultant" training meeting of Yadan wardrobe business school was successfully held in Yadan headquarters, and remarkable results were achieved. This training mainly conducted professional guidance and teaching on product knowledge, store shopping guide, marketing strategy and wood treatment software, combined theory with practice, and focused on cultivating students' excellent thinking ability, advanced innovation spirit and first-class operation level

the activity officially began on April 8 and began under the overall planning of Yadan training department. As of April 24, the whole training process lasted for 17 days. It was the first "healthy home sales consultant" training session since the establishment of Yadan business school, which was highly valued by the company's leaders. The whole training textbook aims to understand the brand concept and corporate culture of Yadan wardrobe, understand the concept of healthy home and zero formaldehyde, improve practical operation ability, and strive to be a qualified dealer of Yadan. The curriculum is very rigorous, logical, distinctive, easy to understand, and the training atmosphere is compact and lively

it is reported that this training course has been discussed and studied by many people, and has been formulated by integrating various factors such as the students' different habits, the ability to accept and understand knowledge, so as to make each student feel the interest of knowledge in intense learning, achieve the best training atmosphere and effect, and have been unanimously recognized and actively cooperated by the students. During the training, the students were strict with themselves and expressed their love and support for Yadan with practical actions. Before the class time, the students had already entered neatly; The lecturer was silent and attentive during the lecture; It is a good habit to complete the homework on time, quantity and quality every day to ensure that today's work is completed today

after 17 days and nights of "hard work", the students graduated successfully after strict shopping guide assessment, design assessment and installation assessment. At 2:00 p.m. on April 24, the grand graduation ceremony and award ceremony played a movement in the conference room on the third floor of Yadan administrative building. Yin you, the marketing director, solemnly presented graduation certificates and award certificates to the students, and was happy for their success in their studies. He sent heartfelt blessings to them, hoping that they could apply what they learned in future practice and help manage Yadan brand well. The elites have been recognized by the company and obtained certificates through their own efforts. In particular, the excellent student team received a special cash reward of 2000 yuan from the company. The members were very happy. This training ended perfectly in the laughter of everyone





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