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Haitong Futures: PTA is strong and holds multiple orders cautiously (8.3)

yesterday's internal trading

business development of renewable resources industry is an important part of China's development of circular economy industry. News agency on August 4, boosted by tight supply and demand, PTA futures contracts were strong and unchanged yesterday. In the morning, the main 909 contract jumped short and opened 52 points higher. Later, driven by short covering, it rose all the way, and finally closed at the daily limit, up 318 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day. The warehouse volume has been significantly reduced, and there are obvious signs of capital outflow

fundamental analysis

in terms of spot goods, PTA prices are strong driven by the higher futures prices. The internal offer in East China is higher by 8200 ~ 8300 yuan/ton, and the tentative offer in the external offer is 960 ~ 980 dollars/ton. The buyer's offer is low, the traders are reluctant to sell obviously, and there is no deal. It is heard that it is combined with 3D sprint software

in terms of raw materials, the dollar broke the previous low and boosted the overnight NYMEX crude oil contract in the United States by $2.13 to $71.58/barrel; Overnight, the PX quotation in Asia continued to fall by $5 to $1114/ton (FOB high-pressure oil flows from s to C2 South Korea, l/c spot)

in terms of consumption, the operating rate of polyester plant is 76%, the production and sales of polyester in Jiangsu and Zhejiang have improved slightly, and the price focus of polyester still rises by about 100 yuan. At present, the polyester stock pressure of polyester factory is not large, and the silk price is easy to rise but difficult to fall

technical analysis

morphology and indicators are arranged in multiple heads, and multiple orders can control 5 discs; However, bias shows that there is adjustment pressure, and multiple orders are held cautiously

operation suggestions:

the national loose monetary policy will continue to boost the commodity market and continue to strengthen. Due to the device maintenance plan, the market supply of PTA will be tight again, and the price still has room to rise, but the main force is gradually shifting positions, and the price is close to the high point in the same period in 2007, so many orders are held cautiously

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