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Haitong Futures: long short game in recent months, PTA weak consolidation

affected by the overnight decline in crude oil, PTA's main 809 contract was pulled back from the brin channel yesterday and closed near the 60 day moving average, continuing to increase positions. After opening low at 9160 in the morning, it fell sharply to the intraday low of 9054, and then pulled back to 9130 in a narrow range after the intervention of buying; The intraday highest was 9180 points, and the lowest was 9054 points, closing at 9148 points, down 62 points from the settlement of the previous trading day, with 117300 transactions, 124074 positions and 6420 positions. Has it given you a new understanding of concrete pressure testing machine? I hope the above brief introduction can bring you help. In terms of positions, the main short market has increased by 8208, and the long position has increased by more than 24000

in terms of spot, PX continued to decline due to the overnight crude oil pullback and downstream demand. The quotation of Asian FOB Korea (l/c at sight) fell by $14 to $1438/ton, and buyers of spot demand waited and waited; It was also difficult to negotiate the PX contract in August, and xinrishi once again lowered the contract insurance price in August to US $1560/ton CFR Asia

influenced by the opening of the arbitrage window between futures and cash, some traders have increased their low-price inquiries for the supply of deliverable futures in the spot market. The high-quality spot sellers in the internal offer offer yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation price is yuan/ton; The overall market condition of the outer disc has remained weak recently, and the transaction focus has still declined. The mainstream of general cargo and bonded goods spot is reported at $1120/ton, and the mainstream negotiation transaction level has fallen to $1/ton

meg, affected by the rumors of low price transactions, the atmosphere was slightly weak, and some positions still showed a positive attitude towards shipping, but with the increase of buying attention, the market mentality gradually stabilized. The mainstream negotiation level of large orders is yuan/ton; The inquiry of foreign middlemen increased, and the offer of USD/T CFR China for 90 days, the seller was reluctant to sell below 970 USD/T, and the mainstream negotiation level of near ocean cargo was stable at USD/T CFR China for 90 days

in polyester, Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester market still maintains a weak pattern, POY market trend is weak, production and sales are only successful, DTY and FDY quotations are temporarily stable, some specifications of individual factories still fall, and the actual transaction preferences are relatively common

technically, the 809 contract price continues to run along the brin channel, the moving average is still in short position, all indicators are still weak, and the technical level is generally short. On the whole, the terminal textile industry is still weak, and the operating rate of most manufacturers has fallen to 50%. Crude oil and domestic diaphragm enterprises mainly focus on dry process diaphragm, PX is still falling sharply, PTA costs are still falling rapidly, and the future market is not optimistic. In recent months, the contract price protection of long funds has been obvious, but there is a lack of obvious positive support. Due to the large difference between the current price and the future price, arbitrage may pour in, which will increase the difficulty of long price protection. The long short game is extremely fierce. It is expected that PTA will remain weak in the future. Due to the transfer of European diesel and the penetration of electric vehicles, the market will fluctuate. In terms of today's operation, as NYMEX crude oil rose sharply overnight due to the US gasoline data, naphtha and PX also temporarily consolidated, market psychology is expected to be boosted, and PTA is expected to stop falling and weak consolidation. Due to the support of the main funds of the bulls, it is recommended to operate in an empty single day, breaking the 9230 stop loss auto parts testing machine to automatically analyze and process the test results, and the bulls are careful to wait and see, waiting for the future direction to be clear

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