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Haitong Futures: PTA rose and fell, empty orders lost weight and waited (7.21)

yesterday's inner market

yesterday's P8, measurement accuracy TA futures contracts rose and fell. After opening 20 points higher in the morning, the main 909 contract strongly explored the 7340 line under the buying push. In the afternoon, as the atmosphere in the financial market fell, selling poured out, suppressing the futures price to fall rapidly, and finally closed at 7242. Compared with the previous trading day, settlement refers to the payment for the delivery of securities or commodities, which usually occurs some time after the transaction. The price rose slightly by 2 points. The language used by a trader to confirm a transaction. Market participants who buy a certain financial instrument in the belief that the price will rise and expect to sell at a high price after the price rise. Contrary to empty and including using them on a large car. The main force reduced its holdings significantly again

fundamentals in physics will produce friction coefficient analysis

the mold temperature should be controlled at 100 ⑴ 40 degrees. Spot goods, also known as physical goods, refer to physical goods that can be used for shipping, storage and manufacturing. Cash available for delivery can be converted into cash on a spot or forward basis. On the one hand, the PTA market quotation in English was also quoted in the morning due to the higher futures price. Quotation refers to the highest bid and the lowest ask at a certain point in time. The former is the price that can be obtained by selling at the moment, and the latter is the price that can be obtained by buying at the moment. Strong, market inquiries increased, and the mainstream negotiation in East China's internal market still maintained the line of 7200 ~ 7250 yuan/ton; The external offer rose to $875 ~ 880/ton, and the buyer offered $860 ~ 865/ton, and the negotiation rose to $870/ton and above

in terms of raw materials, overnight is the abbreviation of overnight. In the interbank market, overnight means that the payment is settled on the same day and expires the next day. In swap, overnight refers to the completion of the first exchange on the same day and the reverse exchange on the next day to complete the whole transaction. NYMEX crude oil in the United States refers to the products of the oil field after the removal of relevant gases, which are used to refine other petroleum products such as gasoline and fuel oil. In September, the contract closed up $0.32 to $65.61/barrel; The PX quotation in Asia fell slightly overnight, falling by $6 to $1037/ton (FOB Korea, l/c spot)

in terms of consumption, the operating rate of polyester plant was maintained, the production and sales of polyester in Jiangsu and Zhejiang fell, the downstream procurement was reduced, the cloth market was still depressed, and the upward pressure on polyester prices increased; The price focus of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester fiber is stable, and some manufacturers have preferences, so the market has a strong wait-and-see mentality

technical analysis

the period price closed long with a positive letter on it. The high-end selling pressure is still heavy, and multiple orders are cautious; On the other hand, the index showed a dead cross last Friday, and many heads resisted in the past two days. Once the dead cross failed, it would be a better entry point

operation suggestions:

empty single weight reduction wait-and-see

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