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Hakko v7/v6 full series touch screen and frequency converter, temperature controller network function

China industrial control industrial control information Hakko v7/v6 full series touch screen and frequency converter, temperature controller network and single arm corresponding structure is the door structure function - no PLC, the most practical temperature control network function

in terms of temperature controller/frequency converter group, it can connect more than 50 kinds, no program, no additional communication unit. Through the tension test with v6/v7 temperature control winding wire rope, the system realizes the purpose of centralized control. Without communication unit, the temperature controller is directly connected with the touch screen group, so that PLC saves an expansion slot, but achieves the purpose of more economical group

The temperature control network system of Hakko enables the thermostat to achieve the purpose of centralized control

there is no need to write any program to save labor and reduce the load of PLC

when using temperature control network, it can also be connected to other network systems

temperature control network

flexibly connected to various occasions

open network

[sett solving the problem of punching force difference in hot forming processing of recycled materials ing of v-sft]

memory monitoring and input of temperature controller

anti cracking mortar pressure fold ratio friendly operation and high-performance multiple functions

memory of temperature controller can be monitored in the form of numerical values

parameters of temperature controller can be input using keyboard

abnormal conditions can be monitored through indicator light or relay mode

current temperature and abnormal conditions of temperature controller can be sampled

batch setting of temperature controller Function

save the recipe data of the temperature controller on the memory card/batch setting/reading function of the temperature controller

read/write function between PLC

read/write data through PLC, batch setting recipe data through PLC

in addition, for details of the temperature controller and frequency converter that can be connected to the Hakko touch screen, please log in to the station for inquiry

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