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With the development of commodity economy and science and technology, flat, convex, concave and other printing processes and special printing processes will develop, and the characteristics and printing scope of different printing processes are also different. They will coexist for a long time, complement each other, and occupy a place in packaging and printing

1. Lithography will remain the main force. Lithography has the advantages of simple plate making, light plate material and rapid printing. It can quickly produce large format color printing products with good quality and accurate overprint, especially suitable for printing products with both pictures and texts. In recent years, lithography technology has been continuously integrated into high, precision and cutting-edge new technologies such as optics, chemistry and electronic computer technology, reflecting the contemporary high-tech level

2. There will be breakthroughs in letterpress printing technology. Relief printing is a traditional printing process in China, which has a good technical foundation, less investment, and is suitable for small batch, small format, and special specifications; The requirements for paper and ink materials are not strict. It can adjust the printing pressure and control the ink volume in a large format, so that the printing quality can reach a relatively ideal level and has a wide range of applications

3. Gravure printing will continue to develop steadily. The advantages of gravure printing have always been high speed, wide width, low consumption and less downtime, which can obtain the best effect on a variety of substrate materials

4. Silk printing will be more active. As a representative of hole printing, silk printing has always been dominated by workshop production in China, and it is considered that it can only produce line and large color block products, but not elegant. In today's technological revolution, modern silk printing equipment, materials and processes have injected new vitality into the silk printing process

development trend

1. Development direction of lithography technology

the main lithography topics in the world today are direct plate making technology, direct printing technology, non horizontal printing technology and frequency modulation technology. Foreign sheet fed multi-color offset printing machines mostly adopt ink remote control, automatic version loading, automatic registration devices, and control and fault diagnosis of the whole production process, which are permanent laws. Domestic started relatively late, and more efforts need to be made in the research and development of a new generation of integrated multi-color offset press. In addition, the quality of domestic printing equipment (paper, ink, photosensitive materials, blanket) also needs to be improved

2. Development trend of flexible technology

after the signing of the Montero convention in 1995, the emission control of CFCs has become increasingly strict, and the use of solvents such as trichloroethane and tetrafluoroethylene has also been restricted. In order to make flexographic printing meet the requirements of environmental protection, there are two ways to develop, one is the development of new environmentally friendly plate washing solvents, and the other is the development, manufacture and practicality of water developing flexographic plates. At the same time, thin plates will also be the development direction of flexographic printing

3. Development trend of gravure printing technology

gravure printing equipment has large investment and high plate making cost, which is only suitable for long-term products. Because gravure ink contains toxic substances, its application is limited. If these deficiencies can be solved, gravure printing will have a certain development. In recent years, the development of gravure printing technology has greatly shortened the preparation time of gravure printing, and improved the competitiveness of gravure printing in the medium and short edition market. It is expected that the development of gravure printing in the future will mainly focus on: the whole body needs to automatically gravure roll at 23 ± 2 ℃ for high-precision barrel electroplating processing; Application of electronic engraving technology without film; The development of photopolymer thin drum gravure process and the surrounding gravure wrapped on the drum; Digital fast proofing; Gravure printing machine will be developed in the direction of multi-purpose, multi-color, high-speed, automation and environmental protection; Achieve water-based gravure ink printing, and effectively control the solvent residue of solvent ink

the relationship between packaging and printing and life

as we all know, today's society has developed to the point that all goods need packaging and all packaging needs printing. Printing is one of the most important means of decoration and processing of product packaging. Printing plays a role in transmitting information and promoting products. At the same time, for some commodities, printing also plays an important role in anti-counterfeiting. Nowadays, packaging and printing are developing towards more exquisite and improving the added value of goods. Because of the rapid development momentum of the industry, the current market competition is fierce. In order to compete and reduce product prices, enterprises find ways from the cost of raw materials and auxiliary materials, which is easy to cause the purchase of inferior, harmful and other printing materials that are not conducive to environmental protection. In order to curb the harm and pollution to people and the environment caused by vicious competition in order to reduce costs, we must first start from the packaging and printing enterprises themselves

developing economy and protecting the environment is an inevitable prominent contradiction of traditional economy. To fundamentally solve this deep contradiction, we must realize the transformation from traditional economy to circular economy in the development mode as soon as possible, and realize sustainable consumption in the consumption mode. Based on the rapid development of packaging and printing industry, we should pay attention to the overall planning of industry structure, efficiency and quality

vigorously developing green packaging and printing is the concrete manifestation of circular economy in the packaging and printing industry, the essential requirement of developing circular economy and the concept of comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, and a powerful measure to establish a resource-saving society and promote the harmony between man and nature. As a member of the packaging and printing industry, we should understand from a strategic height, grasp the importance and urgency of developing circular economy with an overall perspective, and further enhance our consciousness and sense of responsibility. It is imperative to vigorously develop green packaging and printing

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