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More than 3000 hours in half a year, nearly 8 tons per bucket, XCMG lw600fv loader efficiency is amazing

more than 3000 hours in half a year, nearly 8 tons per bucket, XCMG lw600fv loader efficiency is amazing

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coal chemical industry is an important measure for the transformation of the coal industry. In order to seize the market opportunity of increasing investment in infrastructure construction in China, closely follow the in-depth practice of the scientific conclusion that "green water and green mountains are golden mountains", Coal chemical enterprises are more strict in the purchase of production equipment, which should not only ensure production efficiency, but also save energy and protect the environment

XCMG V series loaders fully absorb market feedback and meet the constantly upgrading user needs. With the unique advantages of quality and performance, they have been recognized and favored by customers, and their market share has continued to rise. A large coal chemical enterprise in Northwest China purchased six XCMG 600fv loaders at one time in 2017. A few days ago, we walked into this factory to visit how XCMG loaders help customers save energy and increase efficiency

it has been used for more than 3000 hours for half a year, and the attendance rate is high

XCMG lw600fv Group car operation

entering the plant area, a busy scene immediately came into view. Six lw600fv loaders shining with "XCMG gold" shuttle back and forth, stacking, loading, loading, in an orderly manner, which is really "eye-catching". According to team leader Hou:

now, XCMG 600fv loader is our main equipment, all of which are arranged in key processes to ensure production

XCMG lw600fv Group car operation

as the market warms up and the demand for coking coal increases, the factory basically maintains 24-hour production, with two shifts of workers and non-stop equipment, so as to ensure output. Captain Hou told us that the loader is mainly responsible for stacking and sending raw coal to each loading port. In addition to the shift change of drivers and some simple maintenance, the loader works at least 16 hours a day on average, and the monthly transfer volume of each coal yard reaches 70000 tons

talking about XCMG loaders, Team leader Zhang couldn't help sighing: "The six XCMG 600fv loaders purchased by the company have been used for more than 3000 hours in less than half a year, and such a high attendance rate exceeds our expectations. In charge of the company's equipment maintenance and parts management, I have been in contact with many loader brands over the years. XCMG loaders give me the impression that on the one hand, the equipment quality is reliable, and obviously I feel that the failure rate is low. On the other hand, the after-sales service is very timely, even if there is a failure, it can be developed in BASF's liquid Spray damping coating and solve it in a very short time. For our equipment management and maintenance departments, it really saves time and effort, and greatly reduces the production cost of the company. "

flexible load, energy-saving and efficient

only high attendance, weak loading capacity and low transfer efficiency can not create benefits for users. The performance of XCMG loader has been fully recognized by users

XCMG lw600fv coal chemical operation

at the operation site, master Yang, the manipulator, told us, "the coke after spraying contains moisture, and the full shovel weight of XCMG 600fv loader is sevenoreight tons, which is undoubtedly a great challenge for a 6-ton loader. Facts have proved that XCMG 600fv can cope with the challenge freely." In this regard, master Yang continued, "I have been driving the loader for 10 years, and it is the first time to use such a portable device, and it is very smart. 1. The fixture equipped with the machine should be coated with anti rust oil for safekeeping; although it is a 6-ton model, it is faster than the previous 5-ton model. 2. Check the business license and relevant national qualifications, and the loading and unloading speed is faster. It is worth mentioning that the seats of XCMG equipment are very comfortable, and I don't feel tired after a shift. The comfort is improved The driver will be more efficient. "

XCMG lw600fv

in addition, XCMG V series loaders have excellent performance in energy saving, which further strengthens the determination of this coal chemical manufacturer to continue to buy XCMG loaders in the next step. In this regard, The person in charge of equipment procurement of the company said: "We have also made a comparison. The fuel consumption of XCMG's 6-ton loader is not higher than those of the previous 5-ton models, and even lower. The wholly-owned subsidiary of tree industry environmental protection operates biodegradable materials, and shovels more tons per bucket than other brands. While greatly improving work efficiency, it fully conforms to the company's development concept of cost reduction and efficiency increase. In the future, XCMG will be the preferred brand for the company's equipment renewal."

XCMG lw600fv

ultra high attendance, ultra-high efficiency, focusing on the improvement of customer value and meeting the market demand, XCMG's 6-ton products have become XCMG's conventional products, which are far ahead in sales in the same industry, and help build green water and green mountains and build a beautiful China with energy-saving, environmental friendly and efficient complete solutions

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