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Half hour charging 80% Hefei plans to build a public fast charging of new energy vehicles covering the whole city

Zhong'an, Zhong'an client news "where to charge, how long can it be fully charged?" Many new energy power products are competitive, and motor car owners may be distressed by this. Recently, it was learned from Hefei urban and rural construction commission that Hefei is currently promoting the construction of charging facilities at a high level, and the taxi charging station of South high speed railway station is planned to be put into use by the end of the year to meet the charging demand of new energy taxis

charging piles under construction at Hefei South Station

in the afternoon of August 28, we came to Hefei South Station charging station located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Huizhou Avenue and West High Speed Rail road. 74 charging piles were under construction. The construction started around April. At present, the ground construction is basically completed, and the construction of foreign power is being accelerated. We will strive to put it into use by the end of this year, and then it can basically meet the current taxi charging demand of Hefei South Railway Station

according to Wang Yunfan, deputy director of the Urban Construction Department of Hefei urban and Rural Development Commission, the DC fast charging pile under construction at Hefei south railway station has a maximum power of 120 kW, which can charge 80% of new energy vehicles in about half an hour, and can run 400 kilometers once charged. At the same time, the cost of fuel and gas per kilometer will be reduced by about 30-50% compared with the traditional cost

compared with other charging stations, this charging station is relatively dedicated to taxis, all of which are DC fast charging facilities, and equipped with supporting service areas. When taxis are charging, it can also solve the problems of taxi drivers' difficulties in eating, drinking water and going to the toilet, which can be described as killing multiple birds with one stone. Another charging station of Silihe ecological park, located in the public parking lot of Gongwei building, Dangshan Road, Luyang District, has been partially put into use. The charging station has a total of 150 charging piles, including 105 fast charging piles and 45 slow charging piles

Zhang Kai, a citizen who is charging the electric vehicle, said that it takes more than 40 minutes for the car to be fully charged, while it takes more than 7 hours for the car to be fully charged. Generally, you choose fast charging. If you don't use the car at night, you will choose slow charging. "Compared with fuel vehicles, the monthly cost can be saved by about half, which is both economical and environmentally friendly."

it is reported that 35519 charging piles have been built in the city, including 4570 DC fast charging piles and 30949 AC slow charging piles, serving about 50000 new energy electric vehicles per day. Among them, Hefei charging company has built and is building 93 public fast charging stations, including 5 primary stations, 14 secondary stations and 74 tertiary stations. By 2020, Hefei charging company will build about 300 public fast charging stations and 10000 public fast charging piles, which can meet the charging demand of 80000 new energy vehicles, and basically form a convenient and fast public fast charging covering the whole city. These charging stations use a large number or all of high-power DC fast charging equipment, which greatly shortens the time of charging, and it can not be said that the most important thing is that the induction is very sensitive to accuracy, which can not be ignored. In addition, large charging stations are equipped with convenient service facilities or service areas as required to provide toilet, rest, reading, hot water and other services for citizens while charging. In the future, Hefei will also build a large-scale charging complex to provide more complete services such as new energy vehicle maintenance, maintenance and illegal handling

in addition, the municipal urban and rural construction commission also vigorously carried out the acceptance of charging facilities for development projects, strictly implemented the requirements for charging facilities with 10% parking spaces in new residential areas and 20% parking spaces in public buildings, and ensured that the new projects were well equipped

up to now, there are about 35000 new energy vehicles in Hefei, and a total of 36000 facilities for quenching samples in charging have been built in the whole city. According to foreign experience and the empty facilities of Hefei charging company, these products have a certain price and a certain preferential situation. It is estimated that the charging capacity can meet the daily average charging demand of about 50000 new energy vehicles. By 2020, according to the implementation opinions of the general office of Hefei Municipal People's Government on accelerating the construction and management of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, Hefei plans to promote 100000 new energy vehicles, and plans to build 80000 charging facilities (including 15000 high-power DC fast charging facilities), which can provide about 180000 vehicle charging services per day. (tanmeiling co founded the publicity)

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