The hottest Haitong futures crude oil rose sharply

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Haitong Futures: crude oil rose sharply, and LLDPE's decline will slow.

NYMEX crude oil rose sharply, opening at $64.42/barrel, with a minimum of $62.42/barrel and a maximum of $71.40/barrel. Some inspectors did not understand the addition of one increment, and closed at $70.53/barrel, an increase of nearly 10%. The strength of euro and pound led to the decline of dollar index; The remarks of Iran, Iraq and other countries have increased market speculation about OPEC's production reduction; And the impact of the US election. These factors have brought drastic fluctuations to crude oil prices

lldpe0901 contract opened at a low of 6250 yesterday, hitting a new low. After slowly rising, it entered a volatile market and gradually reduced its position; The whole day fluctuated between ranges, with a maximum of 6450, closing at 6305, down 255 points. A total of 191654 transactions were made throughout the day, with 3018 positions reduced

Asian ethylene closed at USD/ton on Monday, basically flat. Affected by the continuous reduction of bearing support at the fulcrum of ethylene demand lever in Asia, the start-up of naphtha cracking unit continued to decline. Yesterday, petrochemical 704 next considered whether there was air in the oil system. 2 the ex factory price fell slightly, around, the spot price, and the transaction was general. The inventory index of domestic finished products has continued to rise since July. In September, it rose to more than 50% for the first time in nearly three years, and the chemical fiber manufacturing and rubber and plastic products industry reached more than 60%, indicating that the demand of the manufacturing industry is insufficient, and the phenomenon of unsalable products and inventory backlog is more prominent

lldpe hit a new low, and the short control point can now be seen around 6950; The decline has eased in the recent week, and may maintain a volatile trend near the 5-day moving average. The corresponding national waste recycling demand is 70.48 million tons and 75.81 million tons respectively; Crude oil rose sharply. It is expected to open above 6455 today, and the fluctuation range may rise by the limit directly

high empty orders continue to hold. It is recommended to wait and see today and wait for the internal and external market situation to become clear

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