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Analysis of the current situation of the development of China's smart machine market in 2012

android has dominated the entire smart market in China. In the fourth quarter of 2012, the market share of Andr packaging lightweight oid system reached 86%, while Samsung ranks first in the Android camp in the Chinese market, which is the first time that Samsung has taken the lead in China. According to the data released by the Market Research Institute strategyanalytics this weekend, Samsung's market share in China reached a triple growth rate in 2012, with 30.06 million smartphones sold in China. In 2011, this figure was 10.9 million, and the market share increased from 12.4% in 2011 to 17.7% in 2012. Copper materials are mainly used for copper cores, copper wires, etc.

while Samsung sits on the throne of China's smart machines, Nokia, another giant in the industry, shows a sharp opposite trend, with its smart market share falling rapidly from 29.9% in 2011 to 3.7% in 2012 from December 1, 2017, and suddenly falling from the first to the seventh

the situation of other intelligent mechanism manufacturers is as follows: Lenovo has become the second largest player in China's intelligent machine field with a market share of 13.2%, an increase of 4 percentage points compared with 2011; Apple accounted for 11%, Huawei accounted for 9.9%, and Coolpad accounted for 9.7%, accounting for 3, 4, and 5 places in the Chinese market in 2012

the report of strategyanalytics last Tuesday pointed out that in the fourth quarter of 2012, the market share of Android intelligence in China reached 86%, and IOS took 12%. These two systems decisively won 98% share. The rapid growth of China's smart machine market is mainly reflected in economic devices. Foreign media also mentioned that many Chinese enterprises like to build customized systems based on Android, and the price is much cheaper than foreign brands, which is also an important reason for the rapid growth of Android in China

the Chinese government is under pressure on Android's dominant position in China's smartphone market, because it is extremely detrimental to the development of the local market, and said that China also has the ability to manufacture its own operating system. In fact, if an encounters the same tensile testing machine with a great price difference, the development of droid system itself in China will be hindered by all parties, so Google's complete set of services cannot be used on Android licensed products, and there are no paid apps in googleplay's Chinese store. The localization of Android system is an important part of manufacturers' strategies in China, and it will seize the Chinese market in the future, Localization may be relatively more important

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