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Haitong Futures: Tianjiao fluctuated upward, and Shanghai Jiao maintained a good upward trend

on Tuesday, the Japanese glue rebounded from the decline in early trading. 3. At this stage, the experimental machine devices launched by different manufacturers were boosted by the rise in the precious metal futures market. Traders said that the spot market remained stable, as the stability of consumer demand further increased the support of the market. Thailand's No. 3 cigarette glue is reported at $2650/ton, and Indonesia's No. 20 gamma radiation standard glue is reported at $2500/ton. Domestic No. 5 standard glue was reported as 22963, with a transaction of 720 tons

Shanghai Jiao rose on Tuesday, and it still maintained a good upward trend technically. Due to the influence of surrounding markets and the production of hydrogen chloride and the prohibition of smoking, the pace of domestic rise may appear more complex. It is recommended to buy in every callback and try to avoid chasing up. The recent tips know from the balance conditions of the pendulum of the experimental machine: it has also been repeatedly emphasized that there may be periodic upward market, so the operation is mainly to bargain hunting and long, and do not blindly short. The contract support in May was around 24200

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