Analysis on the development status of plastic addi

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Analysis on the development status of China's plastic additives and functional masterbatch industry

from September 24 to September 26, 2009, the second northeast three provinces Plastic Industry Summit Forum kicked off in Panjin, China. The plastic industry summit forum was highly valued by the Secretary of Panjin Municipal Party committee and the mayor of Panjin. Zheng Kai, Secretary General of China Engineering Plastics Association, and a large number of experts and entrepreneurs participated in the summit forum

in recent years, China's plastic industry has shown an obvious trend of industrial agglomeration development, and the number of large-scale enterprises has increased rapidly. The industrial structure is gradually adjusted to the direction of scale and intensification. The industry of plastic additives is also adjusting in the direction of scale and intensification, especially in plasticizers, heat stabilizers, impact modifiers and processing aids

at the plastic industry summit forum, Gong Liu, vice chairman of the plastic additives special committee of China Engineering Plastics Industry Association and senior engineer, made a detailed description of the development status of the plastic additives and functional masterbatch industry at the time of unloading the impact tester. Professor Gong pointed out that at present, we should speed up the pace of technological innovation and actively develop green, environmental friendly, non-toxic and efficient plastic additives. Unable and standard measurement requirements meet Professor Gong's requirements on plasticizers, flame retardants (bromine flame retardants, organophosphorus flame retardants, organosilicon flame retardants, inorganic flame retardants), heat stabilizers (rare earth composite "Yue Yawei said stabilizer, metal soap calcium/zinc composite heat stabilizer, organic tin stabilizer, rare earth composite heat stabilizer, hydrotalcite heat stabilizer), impact modifiers and processing aids, foaming agents, lubricants, antioxidants Light stabilizer, nucleating agent, antistatic agent, cross-linking agent, antibacterial agent, biocide, mildew inhibitor, dripping agent, antifogging agent, deacidifying agent and other plastic additives were comprehensively described. In terms of functional masterbatch, Professor Gong also introduced the composition, classification, product performance and application instructions of functional masterbatch. It mainly includes filling masterbatch, color masterbatch, etc

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