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Analysis of the development status of modified plastics in the world

plastic modification refers to the physical, chemical or both methods to change the performance of plastic materials in the direction expected by people, or significantly reduce the cost, or improve some properties, or give plastic materials new functions from the trivial things of February this year. Modified plastics are one of the most important basic industrial products

with the development of the plastic industry, the reasonable division of labor in the plastic industry has produced a relatively independent industry between large petrochemical enterprises producing synthetic resins and plastic processing enterprises producing specific plastic products. This industry takes the production of intermediate particles with various uses and characteristics as its main products, that is, the modified plastic industry

the modified plastics industry has a high degree of marketization. All enterprises operate independently facing the market and according to the market rules. The government functional departments carry out industrial macro-control, and the industry associations carry out self-discipline and standardization. The national development and Reform Commission, with the Department of industrial coordination as its counterpart, is responsible for giving macro guidance to the development of national industry and service industry, including the plastic industry, conducting research on industrial development planning, formulating industrial policies, reviewing major industrial construction projects, major foreign investment and overseas investment projects, and guiding industrial structure adjustment, industrial system reform, technological progress and technological transformation. At present, the government administration mainly guides the coordinated and orderly development of the modified plastic industry through the promulgation of relevant laws, regulations, departmental rules and normative documents, such as the catalogue for the guidance of industrial restructuring and the industrial development plan

industry self regulatory organizations are the bridge connecting government functional departments and many enterprises in the industry. China Plastics Processing Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Plastics Association", abbreviated as "CPPIA" in English) is a first-class social organization approved by the Ministry of civil affairs and voluntarily applied by the Chinese plastics industry and relevant industry units according to the articles of association. Its function is to reflect the wishes of the industry, study the development direction of the industry, and assist in the preparation of industry development plans and economic and technological policies; Coordinate the internal and external relations of the industry and participate in the decision-making of major projects in the industry; Organize the identification, promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements; Organize technical exchange and training, and carry out technical consulting services; Participate in the supervision and management of product quality and the formulation and revision of standards; Publishing industry publications; Provide technical and market information at home and abroad; Undertake various tasks assigned by relevant government departments. China Plastics Association has more than 2000 member units and more than 20 professional committees including modified plastics

China synthetic resin supply and marketing association is a self regulatory organization of the synthetic resin industry. It was established after the merger and reorganization of China chemical supply and Marketing Association and China Engineering Plastics Industry Association. It implements the following tasks: maintaining fair competition, industry information statistics, formulating industry technical standards, putting forward industry development plans and industrial policy suggestions, appraising and popularizing scientific and technological achievements, carrying out technical training and consulting services Organize international exchanges and cooperation. China synthetic resin supply and marketing association is mainly composed of enterprises and institutions engaged in production, scientific research, processing and application, trade and logistics related to polyolefins, thermosetting resins, functional resins, engineering plastics, resin modification and application, plastic additives, etc

plastics and their composites are important raw materials for industrial products, and are widely used in household appliances, automobiles, electronics and electrical, office equipment, electric tools and other fields. Plastic has: ① light weight, stable chemical properties, and will not rust; ② Impact resistant carbon materials, including graphene, fullerene, carbon nanotubes and carbon fibers, have a good industrial system; ③ Good transparency and wear resistance; ④ Good insulation and low thermal conductivity; ⑤ Generally, it has the advantages of good formability, coloring and low processing cost, but it also has: ① poor heat resistance, high thermal expansion rate and easy combustion; ② Poor dimensional stability and easy deformation; ③ Poor low temperature resistance, brittle at low temperature; ④ Easy to aging; ⑤ Some key technologies that affect the reliability of some plastics are easy to dissolve in solvents and other shortcomings, so the vast majority of plastic varieties cannot be directly used to manufacture industrial products, and must be modified to meet the use standards of downstream household appliances, automobiles and other products. The modified plastics not only maintain the excellent properties of plastics, but also overcome the adverse characteristics of plastics, and play an important role in reducing weight, cost, beauty and comfort of household appliances, automobiles and other products

as a high-end technology product in plastics, the consumption of modified plastics in China was about 4.55 million tons in 2009, with an average growth rate of about 13% in recent years, higher than the overall growth rate of 9.6% of plastics. It is estimated that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the consumption of modified plastics will maintain an annual growth rate of about 15%, and will reach more than 10million tons in 2015, accounting for about 10% of plastic consumption, with great development potential

Up to now, thousands of polymer materials have been synthesized, but only more than 100 of them have industrial value. Therefore, in-depth study of the relationship between polymer composition, structure and performance, and on this basis, the modification of existing plastics to manufacture applicable new plastic materials has become one of the effective ways to develop the plastic industry, and the global modified plastic industry has also achieved considerable development in recent years

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