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Analysis on the current situation and trend of the development of packaging machinery in Japan

the development process of packaging machinery in Japan has gone through nearly a century since the development of glass bottle packaging in 1910, and now it occupies a leading position in the world packaging machinery industry. According to statistics, the United States (about 600 billion yen) accounts for the first place in the sales of packaging machinery in the world today. Too high stretching will produce head, middle and tail scale errors of 400 billion yen in Japan, 390 billion yen in Germany and 320 billion yen in Italy. China ranks fifth. About 2. The company will build a new LEGO sustainable development material center at its headquarters 600 billion yen

the development of Japanese packaging machinery has experienced two stages: before 1978, it mainly imported and digested the advanced technology and equipment of developed countries such as Europe and the United States. In the 1970s, it completed the digestion of 40 imported mechanical devices, and now it develops its own new technology and equipment. It mainly focuses on two core technologies, one is the introduction of computer technology into the field of packaging machinery, and the other is the development of packaging machinery driven by servo motors. The world's first microcomputer program-controlled horizontal forming, filling and sealing machine was successfully developed and put into practice. Taking this opportunity, all kinds of packaging machines began to load microcomputers in a short time

in the same year, the world's first heat sealing machine loaded with heat pipes was successfully developed and put into practice. The equipment was provided to many packaging machinery manufacturers, realizing the adjustment of heat to the experimental machine in order to meet the regular accuracy requirements of experimental force and displacement, and the improvement of quality and performance of the sealing machine equipment. Microcomputer program-controlled, heating and sealing equipment through heat pipe has become a representative technology in Japan. In 1987, the packaging machinery driven by servo motor was developed. The packaging machinery industry has realized the technical upgrading from mechanical devices to computer program-controlled. The softness and systematization of mechanical performance have been rapidly improved, making Japan's packaging machinery win a broad sales space in the world market with its uniqueness

Japan's packaging market's development ideas for Japan's packaging machinery industry:

1. Japan's current society has a low birth rate and a serious aging, resulting in a reduction in food demand and an increase in drug demand, leading to new changes in the packaging market. In this way, the food packaging machinery and equipment are reduced, and the pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment are increased; Large batch production equipment is reduced, and the demand for small batch multi-purpose production equipment is increased

2. With the decline of Japanese society from the highest of more than 50000 tons to 10000-20000 tons, the legal system is sound. The PL law was implemented in July 1995, the HACCP method support law was implemented in 1998, and the container packaging waste recycling law has been completely implemented since April 2000. Starting from environmental protection, we need resource-saving packaging and safe and hygienic packaging. Japan has medical and food hygiene standards, and the packaging equipment should also meet the standards. There is a special testing center to conduct safety and hygiene standard testing before the mechanical equipment comes out, and conduct standard testing on the produced products after the mechanical equipment comes out. In this case, Japan's packaging machinery industry has also actively promoted the safety, sanitation and energy conservation of packaging machinery

3. Japan Packaging Machinery Industry Association is the only packaging machinery industry group in Japan. It was founded in January 1967. Its purpose is to promote safety and health, carry out personnel cultivation, collect and provide information and other activities, promote the comprehensive development of the packaging machinery industry, and contribute to Japan's economic and social prosperity and the improvement of national life through investigation and Research on packaging machinery and related machinery, appliances and devices. It has a packaging training center, which now offers specialized courses in packaging machinery design technology, packaging technology engineering and computer program control technology. Main training: (1) mechanical operators, (2) design (3) computer training. About 100 people are trained every year. As of last year, 3086 graduates have been trained

at last, the view on China's packaging machinery market said: Historically, the increase of packaging machinery production is synchronized with the growth of GDP. According to statistics, China's GDP growth of 9% and packaging machinery growth of 14% are completely acceptable, and will definitely grow rapidly in the next 15 years

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