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On the morning of December 25, pan Fangyi, general manager of the brand Department of the group, members of the Youth League Committee of the group and the heads of some affiliated enterprises and Youth League organizations visited the special education school in Tong'an District, Xiamen city. On the occasion of the new year, they sent holiday greetings to the special education children and brought stationery supplies such as crayons, origami and military drums to the children

this is the third year that Haiyi volunteers visited Tongan special education school. Two days ago, the third "Haiyi love library" just settled in Xiamen special education school. Haiyi group (Xie Xingxing, ye Xintong) continues to care for special education students in Xiamen through book donation, visit and interaction

Haiyi volunteers have warm feelings in winter with special education students

just entering the school gate, some special education students actively greeted the volunteers with a smile on their faces and shook hands, making the volunteers feel their optimism, openness, enthusiasm and happiness. The teacher in charge of the team led the volunteers to participate in Yongxing special steel, which will suspend the listing and plan to acquire the new energy materials company. He visited the teaching area and the "Haiyi love map library in terms of automotive green environmental protection materials", and introduced the characteristics of circulating lubrication of all moving parts and the use of the "Haiyi love library". Last year, Haiyi volunteers visited the school and happily planted saplings with the children, which are now lush. Watching the little tree grow up with the children, there is also a transformation in the hearts of volunteers. I hope more volunteers will join in and care for these special children together

Haiyi volunteers were divided into two groups. One group actively participated in the teaching work, and worked with special education students to make knotted handicrafts. They saw beautiful smiles on the faces of the dexterous students, and a Tang Baobao took the initiative to sing his favorite song "the sea" and asked volunteers to sing with him. The hearts of the volunteers were pure and warm by the children; Another group of volunteers went to the "Haiyi love library" to help the librarian sort out the books and clean up the library, keep the library that accompanies the children's growth clean and bright, give the children a good reading atmosphere, and hope that they will gain knowledge and happiness when traveling in the book sea

Haiyi volunteers feel warm in winter with special education students

in the world of this group of special children, the campus carries education and social care. Tongan special education school, founded in August 2001, is a boarding special education school that implements nine-year compulsory education for school-age disabled children with intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy and autism. It is free of charge, with more than 170 students and more than 60 teaching staff

since October 2012, Haiyi group volunteers have continued to carry out voluntary service activities such as condolences, assistance and care with the students of the school. Through rich and diverse forms of good interaction, they have made their own contributions to the teaching construction of the school and the growth of special education students. This is not only a manifestation of the enterprise's courage to take on the responsibility of the society, but also a transmission of love. I hope more caring people can pay attention to this special group, join the ranks of love volunteer activities, and let this group of "Little Angels" with incomplete wings grow happily in the Sunshine of love. (this article is from Haiyi group)

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