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Four factors why enterprise stations can't play a role

over the past few years, more and more enterprises have started to do it, but they all did it alone, so they spent a lot of money and asked professional companies to do it. After that, just put it there, and it basically didn't work. It can be said that there are countless such stations, but among these countless enterprise stations, only a few really play a role. Why is this

1, unreasonable planning:

Enterprise stations that require professional work design are generally the following columns:

home page, company profile, product display, feedback, job opportunities, and contact methods

this framework is simple and clear when it is simple. However, if you want to make the enterprise stand more interactive, the change speed for the enterprise is 1 ⑶ 60 °/min continuously adjustable; It is indeed very difficult to develop services

2. Unreasonable design

now most enterprises will reorganize through mergers and acquisitions. The industry station column is not only a model, but also the home page is a model, that is, animation. It seems that this is popular in China. It is not very reasonable to use animation on the front page of the station from a practical point of view. However, if we consider from the aspect of corporate image publicity, it is still very true that there is no distortion in the past. However, the home page animation of most enterprise stations can not show the image of the enterprise. Why? Because there are countless such service companies, No. 1 animation designers are not easy to hire, so they just make do with imitation. They don't ask for much benefit to the enterprise, just to imitate others' forms and make more money (animation is calculated by seconds)

3. Unreasonable promotion

now for enterprise stations, most of them do little promotion. Now many companies add station promotion to the service bar in order to find a more attractive selling point. And their so-called promotion is just acting as a search engine login agent for several major stations. First of all, it costs a lot of money and has little effect

station promotion is a comprehensive service and continuous work, and most companies only use formalism to cheat more money by entering the signboard with this service

4. Unreasonable management

most enterprise stations have almost no management. Among these many enterprise stations, a large proportion do not update for a long time

now, the market for enterprise website construction is becoming more and more intense. Although most businesses of most relevant service companies still rely on traditional relationships to develop, if you want to really do a good job in the business of enterprise website construction, you'd better practice your real skills and let enterprises really feel the benefits that the station brings to them

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