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Packaging machinery to the countryside four hope

in recent 4 In the past years, with the rapid development of rural economy in China, all kinds of agricultural and sideline products processing industry have risen in rural areas and become an important way for rural economic development and farmers to get rich. Therefore, farmers' demand for packaging machinery is also growing. With the hot sale of packaging machinery in rural areas, the majority of rural enterprises and farmers processing households also have four hopes for packaging machinery "going to the countryside"

there are many points of sale. This is currently the most strongly reflected problem among rural processing households. In recent years, some farmers in mountainous areas have set up various processing industries, which is inseparable from packaging machinery. However, due to the inconvenient transportation in most mountainous areas and the large volume of some packaging machinery, farmers' transportation is inconvenient, which affects their purchasing power. For example, at present, most packaging machinery manufacturers concentrate their sales points in provincial cities or some large and medium-sized cities, and there are basically no sales points in regions and counties. It is very inconvenient for farmers to buy these packaging machinery products thousands of miles away. p>

the function of Erpan packaging machinery should be simple. Farmers buy Packaging machinery to process all kinds of agricultural and sideline products. With the recovery of the global economy, the map is of strong practicality, good quality and simple operation. At the same time, some packaging machinery sold to rural areas should be explained in foreign languages as little as possible, preferably in both Chinese and English. Some packaging machines, such as automatic sealing machines, are very complex to debug. After some minor defects appear in the process of use, many people look at the machine and sigh, hoping to develop more "fool type" packaging machines

Sanpan is convenient for maintenance. Although the after-sales service of manufacturers and dealers has done well in recent years, it is only limited to users in the suburbs of some large and medium-sized cities, which is out of reach for remote mountainous rural areas. A mountain farmer bought a fruit and vegetable juicer from a manufacturer in a provincial capital more than 500 miles away. A few days later, the motor of the juicer broke down due to unstable rural voltage. Although the farmer user had a warranty card and the manufacturer could repair it for free, the manufacturer was unwilling to send someone to repair it because it was too far away, so the farmer spent two days removing the motor and sending it to the county before repairing it. "Free maintenance" became paid maintenance. It is hoped that the manufacturers and distribution points of packaging machinery will use their brains in after-sales service and find ways to solve the problem of difficult maintenance for the vast number of remote rural users

the quality of Sipan should be excellent. All manufacturers should focus on quality to stabilize the rural market with high quality in view of problems such as unstable rural voltage, difficult maintenance and poor level of operators. At the same time, all kinds of vulnerable and consumable parts should be delivered with the whole machine to prevent urgent use. All kinds of parts urgently needed by users should be clearly explained to users, and good services should be provided. Users should send them with purchase. In addition, the price should be more affordable, so that farmers can afford it

rural areas are the big market for the future development of packaging machinery. With China's entry into WTO, foreign advanced packaging machinery has poured in, and the market competition of packaging machinery has become increasingly fierce. It is hoped that domestic manufacturers, especially famous brand manufacturers, will find a good market development perspective, preempt, pay attention to the large rural market, and meet the expectations of farmers and processors for packaging machinery

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