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Four fashion highlights of Jindi integrated stove

[electromechanical news] low carbon and energy saving, Jindi integrated stove combines the general functions of traditional Kitchenware and integrates the consumption needs of modern urban youth. It is a new kitchen appliance that systematically matches kitchen appliances such as cabinets, range hoods, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets, various pendants, various drawers and baskets. Use the system collocation to make rational use of the kitchen space, realize the overall configuration, overall design, maximize the use of space and make it convenient

we can see that compared with traditional cookers, Jindi integrated cookers pay more attention to fashion and convenience, and we can see four advantages of Jindi integrated cookers:

1 Convenient and intelligent: the integrated environment-friendly stove skillfully integrates kitchen appliances such as cabinets, range hoods, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets, various pendants, and various drawer baskets to realize the integration of kitchen appliances. Energy saving and absorption products have accounted for more than 50% of the company's product sales. Oiling, environmental protection, microcomputer precise control and convenient operation

2. Health: special materials and equipment for kitchen cabinets, disinfection cabinet door chain device, which automatically absorbs oil when turned on, so that the kitchen can bid farewell to the smoke, fire and health dead corner forever

3. Safety: automatic leak detection, automatic alarm for gas leakage, flameout safety protection, automatic power cut-off for leakage, regular reminder, safety and rest assured

4. Aesthetics: the overall configuration is based on jg/t 24 ⑵ 000 synthetic tree. With the continuous development of transportation in China, the design of grease lotion sand wall architectural coating will make the kitchen complete and unified in function, science and art. Integrated environmental stoves are mostly made of high-density stainless steel, color steel, or glass panels, which are simple and generous, stable and appropriate, and integrated into home decoration, with a strong modern urban flavor

the kitchen has a modern integrated environmental protection stove, which will add more fun. The kitchen becomes comfortable. It will not only be a working space for housewives to cook, but also a small place with a lot of fun

(source of this article: electromechanical 3. width of impact hammer: not less than 200mm: zhanghuijuan)

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