Four gold awards of the hottest Chinese enterprise

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Chinese enterprises won four gold awards in the 2010 China International Industrial Expo. This shows that China has made significant progress in the field of equipment manufacturing in recent years, especially in the field of clean energy and efficient transmission and distribution

the four products that won the gold theft elimination award were 11.22 meter diameter slurry balance shield, large CNC bevel gear grinding machine, megawatt pressurized water reactor nuclear power steam generator and reactor internals large forgings, and 800 kV DC converter transformer

among them, the slurry balanced shield with a diameter of 11.22 meters is a key project in the field of advanced manufacturing technology in the National 863 plan, and the cost is reduced by one quarter compared with imported products. A number of key technologies have reached its middle-aged capacity of more than 50000 tons. More than 100 steel structure enterprises have reached the international advanced level. Common protection needs of fatigue testing machines:

in addition to four gold awards, the Expo also awarded 12 silver awards, 10 bronze awards and 12 innovation awards, most of which are products of strategic emerging industries and high-tech industrialization

it is also understood that the current CIFIT has achieved a total of 1.461 billion yuan in product and technology transactions, which has built a bridge of technology transformation and win-win cooperation for exhibitors at home and abroad, universities and research institutions in Ningbo's new material industry. Due to the active market demand in China, some exhibitors from Japan and the United States have requested to expand the exhibition area next year

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