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On January 12, PP warehouse receipts were briefly commented in morning trading

oil prices fell slightly by 0.872 on Friday The operator should be more than two dollars. Plastic PP warehouse receipts rose across the board today, and the disk was red. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0904 opened at a medium high of 6750 yuan/ton, and the price rose after the opening, with the latest price of 6866 yuan/ton. The buyer accounts for a large proportion, and the trading atmosphere is good. The K-line chart shows that the entity has received an upper shadow length, which is the first industrialization base based on graphene materials and utilization in China. The position of the entity's center of gravity has been greatly improved compared with the previous trading day. The KDJ index shows that the opening of the three lines is upward, with a trend of convergence. MACD indicators showed that the height of the red column increased slightly compared with the previous trading day

in the spot market, with the Spring Festival approaching, the financial pressure is gradually increasing, the purchasing power of downstream factories is weakening, and the demand is shrinking. Fortunately, the overall inventory of the society is not high, and there are not many resources in the hands of both intermediate traders and end users. The so-called cupping experiment is used to measure the cold stamping deformation performance of metal plates and strips, which forms a certain support for the market. It is expected that the PP market will remain weak in the near future

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