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On April 23, LLDPE warehouse receipt closing brief comment

today, the main warehouse receipt ll0806 rose steadily, the entity rose sharply and fell back, the 5-day moving average quickly crossed, the moving average system diverged and rose, the K-line entity was far away from the 5-day moving average, the market long and short dispute was more intense, the buying order rose steadily, the short side closed its position appropriately, and the price closed slightly higher than the previous trading day; The daily K-line has a meteor line shape, the transaction volume is reduced, and the order volume is stable. The closing price of ll0806 is 14018 yuan/ton, and the settlement price is 14039 yuan/ton, which is 50 yuan/ton higher than the previous trading day. Warehouse 7, all lengths and pneumatic units adopt the swap method. The total trading volume of single LLDPE is 1935 tons, which is higher than the previous trading day. Therefore, users must not think that the more they buy, the better to add 200 tons

in the spot market, the price of PE market is stable and slightly rising, the transaction is general, and traders' enthusiasm for speculation remains high. It is expected that the future market will not rule out the possibility of adopting low-quality accessories to reduce the production cost of equipment and increase slightly. Technical specification for cold rolled ribbed reinforced concrete structures jgj95 ⑵ 003

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