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On May 9, LLDPE warehouse receipt closing brief comment

today, the main warehouse receipt ll0806 opened high and fluctuated, and the trading dispute in the mid and late session fell rapidly. In the late session, the K-line entity closed at the long negative line, the 5-day moving average was straight up, and the moving average system was still in a long divergent arrangement. The K-line entity delivered the 5-day moving average, the selling was relatively strong, the buying profit was closed, and the price was slightly lower than the previous trading day; The daily K-line closed at the medium and Long Yin line, the transaction volume was significantly reduced, and the order volume was stable. The closing price of ll0806 is 14230 yuan/ton, and the settlement price is 14244 yuan/ton, which is expected to be 2025 tons, down 60 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The total trading volume of warehouse receipt LLDPE is 1315 tons, down 325 tons from the previous trading day

the dissatisfaction of people in the spot market not only comes from the rumors that Erdogan is suspected of corruption. The quenching hardness of PE city is hrc58 (6) 2, and the application life can reach several 10 years. The market price is relatively stable, the transaction is general, and the traders' mentality is good. It is expected that the future market will not rule out the possibility of continued shocks

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